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First Look: CRIF


I got an update from CRIF recently. CRIF is headquartered in Italy with $450M in revenue and 1,884 employees. They have customers in over 50 countries, offer credit bureau services in over 15 countries and credit decisioning solutions worldwide. Most customers are financial institutions though they have customers in other industries such as telco, utilities, energy and media. They offer the technology, data and management consulting around credit decisions. The core of their offering is the CRIF Credit Framework which includes the CRIF Credit Management Platform that has configurable products and pre-configured applications.

The CRIF Credit Management Platform’s configurable products contain business user configuration tools, web portals, reporting, auditing, compliance and security. Multi-country support is built-in with support for multiple languages and currency, different data privacy rules and data sources as well as various lending instruments. The platform is available on premise, cloud and as a BPO offering. The configurable products are three core elements:

  • CreditFlow – BPM for credit processes with workflow, document management and authentication as well as user interface elements for multiple channels
  • StrategyOne – A Decision Management Engine
  • CreditBility – Additional reporting and ETL capabilities

Focusing in on the decisioning component, the core of StrategyOne is a decision flow, consisting of calculations, rules, models and outcomes. StrategyOne’s business user configuration tool runs in a Windows application and is aimed at non-technical users in the credit management space. Elements include

  • Decision Trees
    Expandable table-like layout showing the conditions/thresholds as well the distribution of records between branches for the current simulation distribution. KPIs can be defined too in terms of a calculation resulting in a true/false and how each branch does relative to these KPIs is displayed also.
  • Scoring Models
    Predictive analytic scorecards can be specified by hand or imported from PMML generated from a customer’s choice of analytic workbench.
  • Decision Tables
    Business rules can be specified using cross-tab and rules-as-rows tables with a wide range of standard features like merging cells, multiple outputs etc.
  • Calculations
    Built with a point and click expression editor.
  • Exclusion rules
    Standard if-then rule structures
  • Champion/Challenger
    Specific branching in the flow to support A/B testing and champion/challenger, records are randomly assigned based on the user’s experimental design allowing for reporting and comparison of results later.

Each flow has an input and output data structure used throughout. The decisioning strategy defined can be tested against a specific record or simulated with a set of historical data to see what the overall outcome distribution would be along with the distributions of results through the flow. Simulations can be compared between versions and all the differences reported. The whole decision flow can be documented in a report with a detailed and readable document and deployed.

The CreditFlow tool has a business user configuration editor for laying out the process and a multi-device thin client user interface. One of the node types is a link to the StrategyOne environment to include decisioning. CreditBility, the reporting, is a rich reporting and analysis tool supporting reports, analysis and dashboards. All the data generated by StrategyOne and CreditFlow (simulation data, champion/challenger data and production execution data for instance) is also available for reporting.

Moving forward CRIF is focused on expanding their pre-configured solutions, improving the business empowerment of the product, improving optimization capabilities and improving documentation/logging/control. Big Data integration is coming too.

More information is available here.


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