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First Look: Predixion 4.0

Predixion released 4.0 of Predixion Insight in October 2014 and I got a product update recently. First, some quick background on Predixion: They started back in 2009 based in California and Washington and recently added an office in Europe. 70 employees now with a core set of partners and investors. Their focus is on making [...]

Market Development at SAS

SAS has spent the last four years moving its partnering strategy forward – making partnering a core part of how they do business, partnering with Teradata and Accenture, and most recently a push towards 30%/$200M of first year revenue impacted by partners. Russ Cobb reported out how this has been going in terms of partners: [...]

Paul Nunes of Accenture presented some of his work at the Accenture Institute for High Performance. He began with a story – Zenith. Zenith did well in radios, got into television and rode that curve and as competition grew more intense they got into PCs and computers. But they sold off the computer business rather [...]

Carl Farrell came up to talk about sales enablement and execution. 2010 was an interesting year in the Americas as the recovery was very inconsistent between countries in the Americas and across verticals. Strong growth in First Year Fees – 21% in US, 15% in Canada and 56% nearly in Latin America (with the Southern [...]

I followed up with Steve Culp of Accenture about their announcement of a new Risk Management practice earlier this year. Obviously Accenture has been doing risk management for a long time but they have now brought together people who were already working in this space in different verticals and in their information systems practice as [...]

Panel discussion with SAS, Accenture, Marriott talking about how to execute a business analytics strategy. Panels are hard to blog but here are some of the interesting points made: Critical question is how to drive insight to action and make a difference to their business. Analytics is a pervasive change in management theory Enterprise-wide customer [...]

I am a featured blogger and member of the advisory board over on Smart Data Collective. SDC  has an interesting looking webinar coming up: “Putting all of the Pieces Together: Finding Value in Unstructured Data” happening on April 21st at 1pm EST.  Stephen Baker (author of The Numerati) and folks from Accenture, Teradata and Overstock.com [...]

SAS and Accenture

I got a chance to catch up with Russ Cobb, Vice President, Alliances and Product Marketing at SAS about the SAS/Accenture announcement recently. One of the first questions, of course, is whether this was just a “Barney” relationship (I love you, you love me) or if it had any meat. Russ understood completely and said [...]

Accenture and SAS announced today that they will jointly create an analytics group focused on financial services, healthcare and public service. They describe this as a “significant evolution of the existing relationship between the two companies”. The release is at  http://www.sas.com/news/preleases/AccentureSASAnalyticsGroup.html This is obviously an interesting announcement. Ever since IBM announced its new Business Analytics [...]

Kevin Hogan of Accenture talked about how implementing a warranty system can drive harmonization and competitive advantage.  His focus was on a recent case where they helped a company implement an SAP-based Warranty solution. The case is a global heavy equipment manufacturer with about a focus on Europe and North America. They were running 4 [...]

Syndicated from b-eye network Well that headline probably got your attention. It came from an article on CIO Magazine:To Hell with Business Intelligence: 40 Percent of Execs Trust Gut. According to recent research from Accenture, nearly half (40 percent) of major corporate decisions are based on the good ‘ole gut. Interesting. But why? 61 percent [...]

At the Business Intelligence Warehousing and Analytics Summit at Oracle today. BIWA is part of the Oracle User Group focused on BI, analytics and data warehousing. Jeanne Harris of Accenture (author, with Tom Davenport, of Competing on Analytics) started off the day. The subtitle of her presentation is “Building Competitive Strategies Around Data-driven Insights”. Analytics [...]