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Customer Intelligence is a core focus for SAS. Over the last year, real-time next best action, optimization, marketing efficiency are driving investments in Customer Intelligence in the SAS customer base. More organizations have initiatives focused on improving the customer experience, integrating digital silos for a digital experience and big data. The Customer Intelligence product is designed [...]

On the occasion of the Olympic Games opening ceremony I thought I would share one of my pet peeves about this and other sporing events – I can’t watch them. Now this is not because they are too commercial or because the human interest stories make me cringe (though they do, often) but because the games are [...]

I am presenting at a Calpont (see my Calpont first look here) sponsored webinar on Taming the Data Tsunami: Next-Gen Analytics Enable Effective Relationship Marketing. Online advertisers are deluged by an increasingly complex marketplace, exponentially growing data streams, and demands for greater value from online spend. Marketers must employ highly dimensional and granular analytics to [...]

First Look – eBureau

eBureau is a predictive scoring and information service provider founded in 2004, focused on technology for very rapid model development and deployment. Using their own purpose-built modeling software, a small group of modelers developed 900 predictive models in 2009 alone. The company has been applying this capability for real-time and interactive marketing like contact centers, [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Jeff Jonas had a great post on his blog recently, Your movements speak for themselves: Space-Time Travel Data is Analytic Super-Food! in which he made the point that: Mobile devices in America are generating something like 600 billion geo-spatially tagged transactions per day. With such huge volumes involved, this information is only [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Sugato Basu from Google presented on sponsored search (Ad Words) and how you can predict bounce rate, and thus user satisfaction, for a new ad. Ad Words, of course, are displayed when a search is made and tracking results involves tracking who clicks on the ads and whether they convert, [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Thomas Rose-Bolden from TaxBrain and Joshua Koran of ValueClick presented on visitor targeting. Joshua started discussing targeting. Online marketers try to reach the right visitors in the right context with the right message. A good result for clicking on a banner ad is 1 out of 1,000 so the click [...]