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About James Taylor

James is the Founder and CEO of Decision Management Solutions. He is the leading expert in how to use business rules and machine learning to deliver Digital Decisioning. James is passionate about helping companies improve decision making and develop an agile, analytic and adaptive business. He provides strategic consulting to companies of all sizes, working with clients in all sectors to adopt decision making technology.  He has led Decision Management efforts for leading companies in insurance, banking, health management and telecommunications.

Book CoverJames has written several books, most recently “Digital Decisioning: Using Decision Management to Deliver Business Impact from AI” (an update of his 2011 book) and “Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN” (recently updated for DMN 1.5) with Jan Purchase.

He previously wrote “Decision Management Systems: A practical guide to using business rules and predictive analytics” (IBM Press, 2011), Smart (Enough) Systems: How to Deliver Competitive Advantage by Automating Hidden Decisions (Prentice Hall) with Neil Raden, and has contributed chapters on Decision Management to multiple books including Questioning BPM?, The Big Analytics, Enterprise Analytics, Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment, The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology, The Business Rule Revolution: Running Business the Right Way and “Business Intelligence Implementation: Issues and Perspectives” as well as many articles in magazines.

In addition to strategy and implementation consulting, James delivers webinars, workshops and training. He is a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world. James was previously a Vice President at Fair Isaac Corporation where he developed and refined the concept of decision management. The best known proponent of the approach, James helped create the emerging Decision Management market and is a passionate advocate of decision management. He understands how companies buy and use these technologies and he has helped companies successfully adopt these technologies and apply them in the context of Business Process Management and Business Intelligence initiatives.

James is a faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics and active in Decision Automation.Org.

Decision Management Solutions work with clients to improve their business by applying analytics and analytic technology to automate and improve decisions. Clients include major North American insurers, travel, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and mobile phone operators as well as major vendors such as FICO, IBM, SAS, Experian, Teradata and TransUnion.

You can contact James at james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com

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