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I have known Tom for many years and enjoyed his books. He recently sent me a copy of his latest one – The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work (Management on the Cutting Edge). Tom does his usual excellent job of introducing a technical topic – AI and machine learning [...]

First Look: ACTICO Modeler 8

ACTICO has just released ACTICO Modeler 8 – the latest version of the product previously known as Visual Rules for Finance (see most recent review here). ACTICO Modeler is a project-based IDE. ACTICO users can now select whether to create a “classic” Rule Modeling project or a Decision Model and Notation (DMN) project. The DMN [...]

I am often asked to give a business or an IT perspective on Decision Management. As part of some recent work with SAS on Decision Management we created two decision management videos – one aimed at business users and one at IT professionals: For Business Users an interview between Fiona McNeil of SAS and me on SAS® Decision Manager Insights: A high-level [...]

As part of working with SAS on their Decision Management initiatives I got to talk with their about their new product – SAS Decision Manager.  As part of this I recorded some wrote a product review: SAS Decision Manager delivers more precise, accurate, and traceable decisions into operational processes using analytics and business rules. SAS Decision Manager closes [...]

I was recently interviewed by Oracle about Decision Management and about my review of Oracle Real-Time Decisions. The first four minutes of the video are on Decision Management more generally and then I get into what I like about Oracle RTD. Check out the video on Oracle’s site here.

I am giving a webinar about Oracle Real-Time Decisions on June 25 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern I will be joined by Nick Engelhardt of Oracle. We will discuss the benefits and applications of decision management and how decisions made using big data and analytics are transforming today’s dynamic customer experiences at the moment of impact. Topics will [...]

We have just issued a new version of the Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies report. There are several new vendors included like Saffron Technology, Informatica, Decisions and Precog as well as a number of updated reviews including GDS Link, IBM and others. Check out the report online or download it as a PDF here. If you [...]

First Look – Scorto Update

I last looked at Scorto back in 2010 (see this First Look). The firm continues to be focused on Decision Management and risk management solutions and now has 7 offices around the world focused on insurance and banking customers. In particular Scorto focuses on debt collection, customer acquisition, loan origination and risk management. The products [...]

I wrote about Blaze Advisor 7.0 back in September. FICO is about to release Blaze Advisor 7.1 and key themes for 7.1 are a focus on increased business control and flexibility, faster time to deployment and more integrated simulation. The key driver for this comes from the steady increase in business user engagement – the [...]

We recently updated our popular Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report for 2012. Available online or as a downloadable PDF, this report is the most comprehensive description of the technologies available for building Decision Management Systems. It covers business rules and Business Rules Management Systems, data mining and predictive analytics workbenches, optimization suites and solvers as [...]

As many of you know, Decision Management Solutions publishes a report on Decision Management Systems platform technologies. We have just released a new version with more vendor information, links to product reviews and great new content on best practices and key product characteristics. To recap: Decision Management Systems are agile, analytic and adaptive. They are [...]

As part of our ongoing work on technologies for Decision Management Systems I recently completed a product review for IBM’s Analytical Decision Management. You can get the full review from IBM here and my (much less detailed) first look is here. A new version of the report itself is also imminent….

Tad Anderson just wrote a great review of Decision Management Systems, my new book, over on his blog on the SOA World Magazine site. Two of his comments struck me particularly. The first summarized what I consider to be the biggest limiting factor in information systems today: There are not too many systems being created [...]

[amazonify]1600050131:right[/amazonify][amazonify]1600050131::text::::Business Rule Revolution: Running Business the Right Way by Barbara Von Halle, Larry Goldberg[/amazonify] The book is a collection of chapters, not necessarily designed to be read in sequence. The chapters include: A great summary of various rules projects surveyed by KPI showing the focus on agility, consistency, knowledge management, legacy modernization, business control (though [...]

My friend Steve has been using the ILOG Rules for .NET product (which you can now download for an extended trial as I discussed here) and has written a nice little review of it – Lab test: ILOG Rules for .Net meshes well with Microsoft. There’s a lot to like in the .Net version of [...]

Book Review by Ade McCormack

Ade McCormack, author of The IT Value Stack (reviewed previously) and columnist at the FT in England, just reviewed the book for this blog. You can read his review of Smart (Enough) Systems over on his blog.

Book Review – groundswell

[amazonify]1422125009:right[/amazonify][amazonify]1422125009::text::::Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies[/amazonify] I have just finished reading Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. Groundswell is a great book providing a thorough and up to date discussion of how to use social media, and more, to connect with and energize your customers. The book approaches the [...]

Ian Graham of Trireme reviewed Smart (enough) Systems for the British Computer Society’s magazine IT Now. You can read the online review here.

Scott Ambler reviewed the book on Dr Dobbs’ Journal today – Dr. Dobb’s Agile Newsletter 12/07.

Cyril Brookes discusses the book

My friend Cyril Brookes published a Q&A about the book here – Memo to Business Analysts: A Compelling Treatise on Why and How Businesses should Automate Decisions. Enjoy.