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Sandy Kemsley posted her review of Smart (Enough) Systems to the Intelligent Enterprise blog – Smart Enough Systems: Change Rules, Not Processes

Book Reviewed on Column2

Sandy Kemsley, a well known BPM blogger, reviewed the book over on Column2 – Smart Enough Systems.

Jean-Jacque Dubray interviewed James for InfoQ and the site carried an excerpt of Chapter 10 – Book Excerpt and Review: Smart (Enough) Systems

Book review on KD Nuggets

KD Nuggets, an online newsletter for data mining and related topics, published Joe McKendrick’s review of Smart (Enough) Systems here.Technorati Tags: ebizQ, KD Nuggets, Smart (Enough) Systems, smartenoughsystems, data mining

Book reviewed in DM Review

Steve Miller reviewed Smart (Enough) Systems in his August 23rd OpenBI Forum column in DM Review – Smart (Enough) Systems – BI EngageTechnorati Tags: analytics, Business Intelligence, Decision Management, DM Review, EDM, Enterprise Decision Management, Smart (Enough) Systems, smartenoughsystems

Joe McKendrick wrote a review of the book on the ebizQ BI in Action blog – Why We Can Go to the Moon, But We Can’t Make Informed Decisions.Technorati Tags: Business Intelligence, Business Rules, Decision Management, EDM, Enterprise Decision Management, Smart (Enough) Systems, smartenoughsystems, ebizQ

Doug Henschen of Intelligent Enterprise published a Q&A with James “Smart Systems Without Rocket Science“Technorati Tags: EDM, Enterprise Decision Management, James Taylor, Smart (Enough) Systems, smartenoughsystems, Intelligent Enterprise

Pat Morrissey of Savvion, who wrote a testimonial for the book, reviewed it on The Performance Guys blog.