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First Look – Scorto Update


I last looked at Scorto back in 2010 (see this First Look). The firm continues to be focused on Decision Management and risk management solutions and now has 7 offices around the world focused on insurance and banking customers. In particular Scorto focuses on debt collection, customer acquisition, loan origination and risk management. The products deliver integrated scoring models in every stage of the decision process, build and manage scoring models, and aim to offer a very intuitive interface.

Solutions for loan origination (Loan Decision), debt collection (Ample Collection), customer lifecycle (Behavia), fraud detection  (Fraud Barrier) are now available in editions customized for the financial, telecommunications, and insurance industries. The solutions have been through major updates since the First Look in 2010, in particular supporting more flexible interaction with third party applications and enterprise solutions as well as more seamless integration with third party data for advanced reporting. The latest additions to Scorto’s solution portfolio are core system for credit bureaus (Bureau Nucleus) and a turn-key solution for online lending.

Scorto’s decision automation platforms are executed on the Scorto Core decision server – Strategies are defined by Strategy Maven with scoring models from Model Maestro and monitored by Scorto Supervisor. Web based Workplaces allow role based access to the tools while back office data storage and management and the Scorto Supervisor reporting module round out the set. The core designers are all desktop applications while the server allows local or cloud deployments and the reporting module has a thin-client version.

Along with pre-configured applications, Scorto provides a platform to build and deploy custom decision automation applications – Strategy Maven. This is a fairly classic decision flow editor with a wide range of standard nodes that can be added to the flow to handle assignments, conditional assignments, comparison, segmentation and scoring. Nodes for user driven actions, worklists, can be dropped into the same flow. Each pre-configured version has specialized nodes based on the particular solution area (such as PD or Probability of Default calculation nodes) and clients can also define their own custom nodes to extend the palette for their internal developers.  The same tool that allows the creation of new nodes also supports the definition of champion-challenger strategies, allowing a client to specify a challenger approach (a new decision flow), state the percentage using the approach, and define the measures (operational and business) they want to monitor to see if it out performs the existing or champion approach. Successful approaches can be promoted and integrated into existing applications.

Forms can be designed for the user workplaces using a standard graphical editor. Workplaces are web-based .Role-based and manager workplaces can be defined and these are integrated into the decision flows so that, for instance, applications taking too long to be reviewed can be routed on to other workplaces or other automated steps. Supervisory and management reports are provided in the application and can be customized and developed for custom applications.

Scoring models can be imported from PMML files and these can be created by a third party tool or by Model Maestro. Model Maestro both builds models and provides support for validating and monitoring deployed models. Models supported include neural networks, regression models, decision trees and more. Scorto puts a lot of emphasis on scoring models in its work with clients, helping both build and integrate them throughout the decision flows.

One of the most interesting features of the Scorto toolset is that deployment is supported on both a client’s own hardware and on Scorto servers. This allows a client to develop decision services and then deploy them to the cloud in a Decisions as a Service approach.

You can get more information on Scorto here.


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