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Lots of new content in the updated Decision Management Systems Platform Report


We recently updated our popular Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report for 2012. Available online or as a downloadable PDF, this report is the most comprehensive description of the technologies available for building Decision Management Systems. It covers business rules and Business Rules Management Systems, data mining and predictive analytics workbenches, optimization suites and solvers as well as putting these technologies into an overall context. This version includes:

  • Decision Management Systems Platform Capabilities
    • Managing Decision Logic
    • Embedding Predictive Analytics
    • Optimization and Simulation
    • Monitoring Decisions
  • Key Characteristics for suitable products (expanded extensively in this release)
  • Best Practices in Decision Management Systems (also expanded extensively in this second release)
  • Use Cases (more to come later in the year)
  • Selecting Vendors (there’s more on navigating the product categories this time around)
  • Vendors (contact information for 46 vendors and links to 69 First Look product reviews)
  • Plus an appendix introducing Decision Management Systems (though the book is a better source, of course)

If you are interested in Decision Management Systems, why not download the report now? Even if you looked at the first version, the new one has lots of new content. And if you need help selecting vendors or understanding what kind of technology you need, Decision Management Solutions can help you with that so drop us a line.