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Business and IT perspectives on Decision Management – some videos


I am often asked to give a business or an IT perspective on Decision Management. As part of some recent work with SAS on Decision Management we created two decision management videos – one aimed at business users and one at IT professionals:

  • For Business Users an interview between Fiona McNeil of SAS and me on SAS® Decision Manager Insights:
    • A high-level description of SAS Decision Manager.
    • The key trends affecting the need for decision management.
    • Insights on how to operationalize analytics.
  • For IT Professionals an introduction to the Conceptual Architecture of Decision Management.
    • The IT architecture outline for decision management.
    • How to assess the impact of results from decision management.

More on both topics is in the SAS Decision Manager product review which is available, alongside these videos, on the new asset page.



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