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New report on Decision Management Systems platform technology


As many of you know, Decision Management Solutions publishes a report on Decision Management Systems platform technologies. We have just released a new version with more vendor information, links to product reviews and great new content on best practices and key product characteristics.

To recap:

Decision Management Systems are agile, analytic and adaptive. They are agile so they can be rapidly changed to cope with new regulations or business conditions. They are analytic, putting an organization’s data to work improving the quality and effectiveness of decisions. They are adaptive, learning from what works and what does not work to continuously improve over time.

Decision Management Systems are different from traditional enterprise applications and from business process or event-based systems. To fulfill the promise of agile and adaptive systems that fully leverage “big data”, organizations will need to expand their enterprise architecture to include capabilities from the proven technologies described in this report. Tested and established in many industries, technologies suitable for developing Decision Management Systems include Business Rules Management Systems, data mining or Predictive Analytic Workbenches and Optimization suites as well as new in-database analytic infrastructure and more. Organizations will need to select those that have the capabilities they need, that demonstrate Decision Management best practices and that fit the organization’s architecture and use cases.

This is the second version of this report:

  • It still describes the critical product categories and identifies the key capabilities of these technologies. This release provides more guidance on navigating the various product categories in the market.
  • A new section on the most important characteristics to look for in products has been added
  • The section on best practices has been significantly expanded in this version
  • A summary of key use cases is provided.
  • A complete list of vendors in the market is provided with more vendors than ever before
  • An index of the First Look reviews is provided, linking over 60 named products to our renown First Looks
  • It still has an appendix providing more detail on Decision Management Systems.

We continue to work on the report and other sections will be enhanced and extended in future versions over the coming months. Thousands of you downloaded the first version and I hope you will download and share this new version also.