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Next up an executive panel on digital transformation from the C-Suite with a CTO, a CIO and a CFO from Lloyds Bank, UnitedHealthcare and the FBI. UnitedHealthcare’s key element for digital transformation was a focus on members, consumers rather than on enterprise customers. For instance this means delivering customer service interactions that are not disjointed based on internal processes. [...]

The last item in the program here at IBM IMPACT before I go speak is a panel of General Managers led by Rob Leblanc. Interesting points included: Is a connected car a mobile data center or just a big, complex mobile device? Or both. How do CIOs partner with COOs to drive smarter process and [...]

I saw this list of Top 10 CIO Business and Technology Priorities in 2013 from Gartner the other day and it caught my eye. In particular I was struck by the potential for Decision Management to impact both business and technology priorities on this list. Obviously one can tie almost anything to a priority like “Increasing [...]

I am giving a webinar with IDG and IBM on ‘Better Results With Analytics and Decision Management Systems‘ at 10:00am Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday, February 27, 2013. To fully leverage and reap the benefits of Big Data, organizations need to adopt the proven technologies of business rules AND predictive analytics to build decision management systems [...]

A quick bit of Decision Management Solutions news here on the blog today. We are delighted to announce that Gagan Saxena, previously the CIO of Apple Vacations, has joined Decision Management Solutions as VP of Consulting and one of our Principal Consultants. Gagan brings more than 20 years experience in enterprise architecture, reengineering, organizational change [...]

I am giving a webinar with Gagan Saxena (@Gagan_S), CIO of Apple Vacations on A New Approach to Business Design at Apple Vacations on May 22, 2012 at 10:00 am PT, 1:00 pm ET. Gagan and I will present how how Apple Vacations applied Decision Management to redesign the consumer experience and create a “smart system” that would [...]

Steve Mills kicked off the IBM Smarter Analytics Leadership Summit. Business Analytics matter, he says, as shown by the focus of CEOs (8 out of 10 expect complexity to increase, enterprises applying analytics are more successful etc). The need for analytics is pervasive, with every industry seeing a massive expansion in the volume of data [...]

Steve Mills opened up the discussion talking about Big Data, making the point that the art of the possible when it comes to data has been growing steadily for many years – though the current explosion in data is pretty impressive. For instance 1.3B RFID tags in 2005 and 30B in 2010, 4.6B mobile phones [...]

I have been reviewing the first set of responses to our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey over at SmartData Collective and there are a couple of interesting demographic notes. First there is a complete absence of IT Management. We have a pretty good sprinkling of IT Executive Leadership – not as many as Line [...]

My friends at Corticon had an interesting press release today about a survey they just conducted – More Than 40 Percent of CIOs and CTOs Surveyed Plan to Automate Decision Management Processes. There were some interesting results in this. First, as their headline notes, we are starting to get some serious consideration of automated decision-making, [...]

IBM has recently announced a new strategy for bringing Big Data to the enterprise. In particular this includes InfoSphere Streams v2 (announced April 12) and InfoSphere BigInsights 1.1 announced today. Big Data is an issue, of course, largely because the amount of data available to organizations is growing rapidly. Surveys show that many managers already [...]

IBM recently surveyed CIOs as part of their ongoing CxO research. This was the second time they did this – 2009 was the first. They just released the results of their analysis of the 3,000 interviews they conducted in 71 countries. The results are summarized in the body of the post along with some Decision [...]

Nancy Pearson and David Farrell kicked off the main event. 8,000 people at IBM IMPACT apparently and Nancy introduced the key themes – helping companies optimize for growth and focus on delivering results. The topics are based on a continued focus on getting business and IT to work together (a key theme of Decision Management [...]

I am presenting at a SAS webinar Business Analytics 101 on December 15th with Anne Milley and Tapan Patel of SAS. I will be presenting my thoughts on analytics and on a recent CIO Magazine/SAS study that was written up in a MarketPulse paper “From Data to Differentiator” (registration required). You can register for the [...]

I am going to be speaking at the CIO Network’s Leadership Forum in San Francisco. I will be on stage with Bill Lewis, head of BI and analytics at The Gap talking about bringing analytics to bear in operations. The format will be a discussion with questions from the invite-only audience of CIOs. I will [...]

I recently spoke on analytics to IBM’s CIO Leadership Exchange and wrote a short piece about it for Smart Data Collective. Here are the videos IBM took. First, my presentation (about 12 minutes): (If this won’t play, try this link) Then the Q&A between me, the CTO of Bank of America and the CIO of [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective I recently presented at IBM’s CIO Leadership Exchange on the power of business analytics. With 300+ of IBM’s top CIO customers this was a great event and it is clear that CIOs the world over are keen to adopt business analytics. They recognize, I believe, that they are the custodians [...]

I am speaking at the 2010 CIO Leadership Exchange, hosted by IBM Chairman, President and CEO, Sam Palmisano. The forum has been designed around the theme of “Leadership for a Smarter Planet” and will explore how CIOs are tapping business analytics, systems and infrastructures, and new IT value models. The program will provide access to [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ I was reading an article on The top 10 CIO concerns and I was struck by the first four: Business productivity and cost reduction IT and business alignment Business agility and speed to market Business process re-engineering It seemed to me, reading this list, that all four of these were concerns that [...]

Syndicated from b-eye network Well that headline probably got your attention. It came from an article on CIO Magazine:To Hell with Business Intelligence: 40 Percent of Execs Trust Gut. According to recent research from Accenture, nearly half (40 percent) of major corporate decisions are based on the good ‘ole gut. Interesting. But why? 61 percent [...]