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CIOs are getting serious about business rules and decision management


My friends at Corticon had an interesting press release today about a survey they just conducted – More Than 40 Percent of CIOs and CTOs Surveyed Plan to Automate Decision Management Processes. There were some interesting results in this. First, as their headline notes, we are starting to get some serious consideration of automated decision-making, decision management, among CIOs/CTOs. 40% is a lot higher than you would have got even a few years ago and the 36% that indicated they plan to deploy a business rules management system for decision management was also a strong result. Clearly the message is starting to get through to folks that using a BRMS to automate and manage decisions improves agility and helps you build a new class of systems – decision management systems.  The survey also asked what their priorities were and it is interesting to note how decision management systems could really help in these areas:

  • Improve the end-user or customer experience:  88 percent
    Decision Management Systems can make self-service applications more robust, providing always-on approvals for customers, and can personalize interactions and suggestions to make them more relevant and fruitful for your customers. Check out this blog series for ideas on how.
  • Make better or faster business decisions:  78 percent
    ‘Nuff said. Nothing makes better and faster decisions than a Decision Management System.
  • Provide competitive advantage:  70 percent
    Decision Management Systems are more agile, helping you change more quickly than your competitors; they are more analytic, ensuring you use the data you have to target customers and prospects more effectively than your competitors; and they are more adaptive, constantly considering what your competitors are up to and adapting to respond.
  • Achieve operational savings from automating decision-making processes:  70 percent
    Decision Management Systems make your processes simpler, smarter and more agile.

Business rules management systems are clearly starting to get some respect and Decision Management is the best way to maximize the value of business rules.


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