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Chief Decision Officer?

Mitch Betts’ blog brought an interesting article to my attention this week – an interview Accenture chief scientist Kishore Swaminathan in which he argues that CIOs need to move up the value chain and become Chief Intelligence Officers. I kinda like this but I would not equate being a Chief Intelligence Officer with data but [...]

Mark Hennessy the CIO from IBM presented on his perspective on the changing role of the CIO. An IBM survey in 2005 found that of CEOs 80% thought IT had to be aligned to be successful but only 45% thought this was something they did well. More recent surveys showed CIOs feeling that this was [...]

I am attending the IBM IMPACT show today and tomorrow and will try and blog live from the show. So far the wireless isn’t working in the keynote location (I am on my broadband wireless modem, thank you Verizon) and the room has no tables and no power for the HUGE number of laptop users [...]

Frank Gens of IDC posted this short item on what Line of Business managers want from their CIOs and it had a nice little graph showing the key things that the business wants from IT. Of the 10 items, several seem to me to show the need for Enterprise Decision Management or EDM: Speed up [...]

Allan Alter over at CIO Insight had this article on CIOs Rank Their Top Priorities for 2008. Across all categories of company it was interesting that the top items were: Delivering better service to customers Improving business processes Contributing to the creation of new business strategies Cutting costs I don’t know about you but I [...]