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Gagan Saxena joins Decision Management Solutions


A quick bit of Decision Management Solutions news here on the blog today. We are delighted to announce that Gagan Saxena, previously the CIO of Apple Vacations, has joined Decision Management Solutions as VP of Consulting and one of our Principal Consultants. Gagan brings more than 20 years experience in enterprise architecture, reengineering, organizational change and technology strategy to his new role. Based in Philadelphia, Gagan brings a particular focus on social business and an integrated customer experience as well as years of experience working with large scale ERP and CRM systems. If you want to learn a little about how he thinks, he tweets as @Gagan_S and blogs at structuredthoughts.com. He and I also recorded a webinar recently about how we used Decision Management at Apple Vacations (recording here, slides here)

We are seeing more and more demand for consulting services in Decision Management and Gagan will be helping us expand to fill that demand. We have companies looking to adopt business rules or predictive analytics and struggling to identify a specific ROI who can use a focus on decisions to see the value of these powerful technologies. We have business rules projects and centers of excellence looking at decision management as a more structured way to approach new projects and expand adoption. We have analytics teams who see a decisions at the heart of a repeatable, business-friendly way to drive their projects. And we have companies looking for a decision-centric way to design and manage new businesses. You can see some of our recent engagements here. Decision Management is clearly on the rise and it’s great to have Gagan join us to meet this increasing demand.

Drop us an email info@decisionmanagementsolutions.com if you have questions or an interest in any of our services.