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Pegaworld 2014 Executive panel on digital transformation


Next up an executive panel on digital transformation from the C-Suite with a CTO, a CIO and a CFO from Lloyds Bank, UnitedHealthcare and the FBI.

UnitedHealthcare’s key element for digital transformation was a focus on members, consumers rather than on enterprise customers. For instance this means delivering customer service interactions that are not disjointed based on internal processes.

Lloyds of course was impacted by the financial crises and changes of recent years. Their digital transformation started several years ago with an initial focus on simplification, driving complexity out of the key customer processes. Now it is about digitization, delivering a completely digital omnichannel environment.

The FBI’s digital revolution is, of course, somewhat different. For many years the FBI was reactive and localized, responding to individual crimes with local resources. Now digitization of crimes as well as of evidence and investigations is transforming this. More proactive, more integrated, more networked.

Some thoughts from the panel:

  • Predictive analytics is increasingly central to anticipate customer needs, or crimes, by connecting the dots – information already in an organization’s systems and in the cloud.
  • Important not to have a bad process executing really fast. Need to improve the process, not just execute it quickly and efficiently.
  • Customers don’t see your process as central – have their own needs or problems. Step back and see what the customer sees not just your internal processes.
  • Huge amounts of data but can be challenging to harness. Taking small steps rather than all-encompassing solutions works better.
  • Iterative, small, fast projects are essential today and this is a big cultural shift for large enterprise IT organizations. Channel teams need to go from monthly to weekly releases while core systems need to step it up to monthly.
  • Rapid processing of data from a wide range of sources is critical yet the pace of change is high so need to balance integration with agility.

An excellent panel with some good thoughts.


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