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Does IT management think about predictive analytics in the cloud?


I have been reviewing the first set of responses to our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey over at SmartData Collective and there are a couple of interesting demographic notes. First there is a complete absence of IT Management. We have a pretty good sprinkling of IT Executive Leadership – not as many as Line of Business or Analytic executive leadership but a good number – but no IT management. There are plenty of analytic and line of business managers but no IT management. This is interesting to me as I speak at a lot of conferences where CIOs, the people IT management work for, are REALLY interested in predictive analytics and how to make it easier and more pervasive. Why, I wonder, is there a disconnect between this leadership interest and the folks who run the IT department? Hopefully it’s just a temporary thing and all you IT management folks out there will take the survey. It would be a major downer if IT management really did not “get” predictive analytics.

The second interesting demographic is that the results are dominated by marketing people. Again I wonder if this is because they care more about this than anyone else does or if we are just getting an initial group focused in this area. If you don’t work in Marketing and care about Predictive Analytics in the cloud, why not tell us what you think?

Meanwhile I have recorded a podcast and that will be added to the deliverables soon. Don’t forget that one registration gives you access to all the deliverables. Go to smartdatacollective.com/predictive-analytics-cloud to register.