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Alteryx Inspire 14 Influencer Summit – Growth Strategy


Next up at the Alteryx Influencer Summit was a discussion of the overall growth strategy from Rick Schultz and Paul Evans (Marketing and Sales). Most of this is under NDA, as you would expect, but Alteryx was willing to discuss how they have been improving their customer acquisition approach:

  • A laser focus on the business analyst as their #1 audience to create first users and evangelists.
  • A cleaner message around an intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics – deeper business insight in hours not weeks.
  • Everything about the web experience was redesigned to focus on this core user and what they might want to do/see to be persuaded
  • A big focus on the Tableau community thanks to the heavy overlap between the two tools’ audiences.
  • They offered lowered pricing for the designer and increased the transparency of the pricing model.

They have expanded from their initial set of industries (retail, marketing, Telecommunications and Real Estate) to include banking, consuming goods, media and entertainment, healthcare and manufacturing. In addition their UK business is expanding rapidly with both an onsite team and established local partners. Additional countries are on the list for a similar approach, enhancing their local and global partners with dedicated teams.

Lots of interesting discussion under NDA about how to shorten the sales cycle while expanding existing accounts quickly and effectively.


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