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Next up at the Alteryx Influencer Summit was a discussion of the overall growth strategy from Rick Schultz and Paul Evans (Marketing and Sales). Most of this is under NDA, as you would expect, but Alteryx was willing to discuss how they have been improving their customer acquisition approach: A laser focus on the business analyst as their [...]

IBM sees Social Media Analytics as part of Customer Analytics rather than as a separate category – the reason for analyzing social media is to better understand customers and what they are thinking. It is not enough, says IBM, to understand and analyze social media. This understanding must be integrated with other kinds of analytics [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Thomas Rose-Bolden from TaxBrain and Joshua Koran of ValueClick presented on visitor targeting. Joshua started discussing targeting. Online marketers try to reach the right visitors in the right context with the right message. A good result for clicking on a banner ad is 1 out of 1,000 so the click [...]

Usama Fayyad, previously Chief Data Officer of Yahoo, presented a keynote on From Data Warehousing to Strategic Data Assets – Case Studies on the Web: Social Networking, Direct-Response Marketing and Understanding Customer Behavior. The number of users on the web continues to grow rapidly, approaching 1Bn. The data created as these users move around the [...]

The Conference Board recently announced strong growth in online content or content-on-demand. The press release can be summarized by this comment: Fundamentally, consumers expect content to be available when they want it, and on the screen of their choice This, of course, creates both a challenge and an opportunity for those providing content. The challenge [...]