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Next up at the Alteryx Influencer Summit was a discussion of the overall growth strategy from Rick Schultz and Paul Evans (Marketing and Sales). Most of this is under NDA, as you would expect, but Alteryx was willing to discuss how they have been improving their customer acquisition approach: A laser focus on the business analyst as their [...]

After a couple of customer conversations Stephen Gold of IBM came back on time to discuss Watson. I have blogged about Watson a couple of times (including this one on what Watson means for decision management).  Recently IBM has started working with clients around customer engagement, not least because it has become increasingly practical to [...]

First Look – Scorto Update

I last looked at Scorto back in 2010 (see this First Look). The firm continues to be focused on Decision Management and risk management solutions and now has 7 offices around the world focused on insurance and banking customers. In particular Scorto focuses on debt collection, customer acquisition, loan origination and risk management. The products [...]

A number of customers participated in a panel of analytics success stories. Each one was interesting and powerful in its own right and each prompted a Decision Management suggestion for someone at that stage in developing and deploying analytics. Argos Risk is a web-based online subscription risk management service. Argos offers actionable risk insight for [...]

I want to share with you the collective wisdom of over 50 companies that have transformed their business using analytics. These companies tackled core business issues like customer retention, marketing, patient care, student achievement, and customer centricity in industries as varied as Retail, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Education, Government, Insurance and Banking. Tomorrow I will kick off [...]

Tim Manns presented on Optus SingTel’s work using social interactions in analytics. In this case the social network is the people you know based on who you call, and who you don’t call. Optus is part of SinfgTel and is a telco based in Australia that competes with the main telco and has about 35% [...]

Stamatis Stefankos gave a presentation on his work with Sunrise Communications to forecast and reduce printing and mailing costs in a CRM context. Sunrise is the #2 telco in Switzerland with mobile and landline customers with 1.7 mobile customers (the majority). They have a typical data infrastructure with a data warehouse that pulls in data [...]