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Continuing to blog at Building Business Capability 2016 with Ron Ross talking about operational excellence. [My comments in italics] He began by talking about the new technology available and its potential while expressing worries that technologies, and technological approaches, might not really change our businesses for the better. In particular he expressed concern that “channel mania” might [...]

Ron kicked off Day 2 talking about the knowledge economy, noting that companies don’t act like they are part of the knowledge economy as they don’t think about knowledge, about how to find it or how to manage it. He identified a set of elements that contribute including business rules and operational decisions, business vocabulary and [...]

Opening Keynotes at #BBCCon11

Gladys Lam kicked if off by introducing the three chairs of the conference – Kathleen Barret Chair of IIBA who heads up the business analysis tracks, Roger Burlton of BPTrends who heads up the business process tracks and Ron Ross of BRSolutions who heads up the business rules forum tracks. The three chairs then came [...]

Ron Ross just emailed me and let me know that he has a new book coming out this fall (as do I – Decision Management Systems ships in October). His is called Building Business Solutions: Business Analysis with Business Rules and is an IIBA Sponsored Handbook. He says it’s all about taking Business Analysis to [...]

I have been reading some of Ron Ross’ recent pieces on operational decisions. First there is a nice article called “Operational Business Decisions: Whose Decisions Are They Anyway” on BR Community. A short read this makes some great points that are worth re-iterating: We need to focus on a decision “the way business people see [...]

Just a quick reminder that Ron Ross, probably the best known writer and speaker on business rules, is giving a webinar this Thursday on Decisioning with Business Rules for 2010 and Beyond. Details here or just go to

Bruce Silver wrote a couple of interesting posts on this topic – Integrating Process and Rules – Part 1 and Part 2. Reading Bruce’s posts, and thinking back on the various posts I have written about business process and business decision management (Risks of pursuing BPM without decisioning, Adding decisioning to your BPM initiative or [...]

Our first webinar of 2010 is Ron Ross on Decisioning with Business Rules for 2010 and Beyond How can you achieve an order-of-magnitude improvement in your current way of supporting business processes? Learn how other companies have done it – deliberately and with no silver bullets. In this thoughtful discussion, Ron reviews what leading companies [...]

[amazonify]0201788934:right[/amazonify][amazonify]0201788934::text::::Principles of the Business Rule Approach by Ron Ross[/amazonify] This book is one of the classics on business rules from one of the most long-standing authors in the area, Ron Ross. The book is a little more than three years old but, as it is not really focused on technology for managing business rules so [...]

The folks at BR Solutions launched a new website that makes some of the RuleSpeak guideliness for writing good rules available for download at www.RuleSpeak.com. It offers basic RuleSpeak 2.0 guidelines in English, Spanish, German and (soon) Dutch. Ron Ross wrote an article about this in the April issue of the Business Rules Journal eUpdate. [...]

Enterprise Decision Management Summit 2009 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nov. 1-5, 2009 Business Rules Decision Management Business Alignment Symposium – New! “How-to” Project Labs – New! Business Process Management Track – New! CEP Workshop – New! Make sure you’re on the Business Rules Forum mailing list – sign-up here: http://www.businessrulesforum.com While you are [...]

I thought I would wrap up with some closing thoughts for the week: Lots of discussion of the importance of data – understanding it, integrating it, cleaning it and making the same data available to those reporting on it, doing analytics with it and running operational systems. Interesting times in the rules market with recent [...]

Not really live this post as I am working from notes I took – after all I was on the panel and it’s hard to participate and blog at the same time. Joining me on the panel were Don Baisley of Microsoft, Ron Ross and Jim Sinur (of Gartner) – Neil had to leave. We [...]

EDM Summit – Day 3 Begins

Day 3 starts early – 8am for the first session. The Expo closed yesterday and today will be just content. Yesterday was an interesting day with lots of discussion among the attendees of the Oracle acquisition of Haley. Here are the blog posts I found for yesterday 2008 Business Rules Forum – Day 1 2008 [...]

EDM Summit – Day 2 Begins

Getting ready for my keynote and wanted to post a few quick things. Firstly other bloggers: Sandy Kemsley, Paul Vincent and Mike Kaviz are all here and are/will be posting. Here are the links I found so far: Business Rules Forum: Vendor Panel Business Rules Forum: Mixing Rules and Process Business Rules Forum: Ron Ross [...]

I am at the EDM Summit this week and will be blogging live from some of the sessions and posting random thoughts and comments in addition. Despite the difficult market conditions, attendance looks good with a nice full room for the keynote and attendees from 17 countries. This year’s event also has a dozen new [...]

Great event, nice little discount

There is a great conference coming up October 26-30 – not only are Neil and I Co-Chairs but readers of the blog can get a discount. We are presenting twice – A Pre-Conference Tutorial Succeeding as a Decision-Centric Organization and a Keynote Competing on Decisions. Because of this you can get a special $100 Conference [...]

Ron Ross recently gave his keynote from the Business Rules Forum as a webinar. You can access the recording (free registration required) here. It’s a great overview and well worth your time.

Ron Ross kicked off the main sessions today with his keynote “From Business Rules to Enterprise Decisioning“. He opened by saying that it is easy to think that everything that can be automated, has been. Yet there is a clear gap between what our existing systems can do and what we need. Part of this [...]