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What You Need to Know about Decisioning with Business Rules for 2010 and Beyond with Ron Ross


Our first webinar of 2010 is Ron Ross on Decisioning with Business Rules for 2010 and Beyond

How can you achieve an order-of-magnitude improvement in your current way of supporting business processes? Learn how other companies have done it – deliberately and with no silver bullets. In this thoughtful discussion, Ron reviews what leading companies are currently achieving with business rules and decisioning. He explains what every business analyst, business manager, and IT professional needs to know about best practices moving into 2010 and beyond.

Register at learn:

  • Business agility … What’s hype and what’s not.
  • Separating the business rules life cycle from the software development and release cycle … Now proven.
  • Knowing what means what … Getting into some semantics is the only way out.
  • Decision tables … A great idea older (and better) than software engineering.

Ron Ross is recognized as the “father of business rules.” He is active in seminars, consulting services, publications, and methodology. He gives popular public seminars through www.AttainingEdge.com and www.IRMUK.co.uk. He serves as Executive Editor of www.BRCommunity.com and its flagship publication, Business Rules Journal, and as co-Chair of the Business Rule Forum Conference. Mr. Ross is the author of eight professional books, including Business Rule Concepts (August, 2009) and Principles of the Business Rule Approach, Addison-Wesley (2003). He has a Masters in information science and 35 years experience in the industry.