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EDM Summit – Day 2 Begins


Getting ready for my keynote and wanted to post a few quick things. Firstly other bloggers: Sandy Kemsley, Paul Vincent and Mike Kaviz are all here and are/will be posting. Here are the links I found so far:

Let me know if you find some others.

In other news, ILOG has regained the market leader position in business rules from Fair Isaac. In their press release they report that IDC’s 2007 market share report puts them first. ILOG clearly had a very strong 2007 but good news in the report is that the market continued to grow, though I suspect that 2008 will be tougher and, with ILOG joining IBM, more complicated.

Finally there was an interesting editorial in the NY Times yesterday – The Behavorial Revolution – that was all about decision making. I don’t have time for a long post on it today but I will come back to it after the show. It’s an interesting column though.

On with the show.


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  • David Wright October 31, 2008, 9:31 pm

    Yes, the NY Times article is very interesting, with a great new quote: “our tendency to applaud our own supposed skill in circumstances when we’ve actually benefited from dumb luck.”