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Come to the Enterprise Decision Management Summit in 2009


EDM Summit 2009

Enterprise Decision Management Summit 2009
at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nov. 1-5, 2009

Bellagio Hotel Leas Vegas
  • Business Rules
  • Decision Management
  • Business Alignment Symposium – New!
  • “How-to” Project Labs – New!
  • Business Process Management Track – New!
  • CEP Workshop – New!

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While you are waiting, why not attend a webinar with Ron Ross for no charge?

Ronald G. RossManagers, Planners, Methodologists and IT Professionals interested in true business agility can hear from the world-renown expert about real-life experience and the most innovative practices.
Tuesday, February 3, 2009 – 1 Hour 2pm EST / 11am PST
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Your company needs far-reaching agility. Can you get that through business process modeling (BPM), business intelligence (BI), or information/data quality (IDQ) and other ‘data’ initiatives, on their own? No. In this presentation, Mr. Ross explains what true business agility is about using examples from the field, and explains why business rules, enterprise decisioning, and related technologies are a must to achieve it.

What your company needs is operational improvement on an order of magnitude or more. Is that feasible? Yes. It’s been clearly and amply demonstrated. Will you get there by simply distilling and faithfully applying the best practices from the past 35-40 years of software development? No. Simply doing more of the same, just doing it better and faster, will never get you there. In this presentation Mr. Ross explains why.

  • Change deployment — its costs, its challenges, and its solutions
  • Reducing decision cycle time
  • Finding the optimal edge of business performance — continuously
  • Choice, customization and speed-to-market
  • What business agility has to do with compliance and governance
  • A fail-safe, incremental approach to legacy modernization — and why it should already be underway in your organization