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EDM Summit – some closing thoughts


I thought I would wrap up with some closing thoughts for the week:

  • Lots of discussion of the importance of data – understanding it, integrating it, cleaning it and making the same data available to those reporting on it, doing analytics with it and running operational systems.
  • Interesting times in the rules market with recent acquisitions by SAP, IBM, Oracle and Bosch
  • Definite signs of growing awareness that decisioning is at the intersection of rules, analytics, data mining and more
  • Some companies are showing great returns on an investment in decision management using both business rules and analytics
  • Worries about the short term impact of the global crisis were balanced with optimism that the current problems will make companies more focused on building the kind of rules-based, analytically-enhanced, agile systems that can help prevent these problems in the future

Lots of people blogged – me, Sandy, Paul, Angie, Mike. Here’s the full list of posts I have found – I will edit it if any more show up


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