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I am joining Eric Kavanagh of the Bloor Group to discuss Easy as Pi – Why Mathematicians Rock Data Science Thursday November 16 at 3pm Eastern. Do the math! Using analytics to drive business value often boils down to a formula of some kind. That’s why mathematicians are in such high demand these days. Whether for [...]

Joe Dager of Business901 interviewed me for his podcast series recently – check out The systems and processes of Decision Management. In it we talk about Decision Management, Decision Modeling with the new Decision Model and Notation standard and more. You can also download the MP3, check out the Business901 iTunes Store, the mobile version or the Android APP. If [...]

I had a great conversation with Claudia Imhoff at the Teradata Partners conference recently on “Big Data in the Operational World Requires a Different Mind-Set.” BeyeNetwork has recently published the transcript of our conversation here and the original podcast is available here.  

Jim Harris of the OCDQ Blog (Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality) interviewed me for his OCDQ radio show recently and the podcast is now live – check it out on his blog. In the interview Jim and I discuss the whys and wherefores of Decision Management, the four principles of Decision Management Systems and the three legged [...]

Listen to Peter Schoof podcast with James Taylor, head of Decision Management Solutions and the foremost thinker and writer on decision management. James has a new book, Decision Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Using Business Rules and Predictive Analytics, which we discuss in the podcast as well as predictive analytics and BPM. You can get access to [...]

The Predictive Analytics in the Cloud research we have been conducting is coming to an end. We have closed the survey having garnered over 200 business and technical professionals. – thanks to all who participated. We are going to publishing the study findings and survey results in a webinar and a white paper on November [...]

We have had great response to our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey – thanks to KD Nuggets for their support in particular this last week – and I have recorded a podcast with some of the initial highlights. We are leaving the survey open through the end of Predictive Analytics World so you can [...]

I have been reviewing the first set of responses to our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey over at SmartData Collective and there are a couple of interesting demographic notes. First there is a complete absence of IT Management. We have a pretty good sprinkling of IT Executive Leadership – not as many as Line [...]

The Predictive Analytics in the Cloud research we are conducting is moving on. The survey is open for you to give us your opinion and the position paper is now available. The position paper discusses the value propositions for 5 ways to use predictive analytics in the cloud: Pre-packaged Cloud Based Solutions Predictive Analytics for [...]

Decision Management Solutions, the company of which I am CEO, is running a study on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud. Both Predictive Analytics and Cloud are hot topics and the intersection has tremendous potential. Whether it is using cloud-based decision management systems powered by predictive analytics, using the cloud to deliver predictive analytics to SaaS [...]

I am participating in the ebizQ BPM in Action event later this month – I am giving a webinar on BPM and Intelligent Operations – and I recorded a podcast on this topic with Peter Schooff. If you are interested in how analytics impacts BPM you can listen to the Smarter BPM podcast and register [...]

My friends at Progress have a survey you might enjoy – it’s short so it won’t take you long and I will be analyzing the results in a few weeks so you will find out what the results were pretty quickly. It’s at surveymonkey.com/s/decisionmanagement. You can also listen to some podcasts I did for Progress [...]

My podcast with Blake Landau is now available on the Customer Management IQ site. If CRM is your thing, check out my CRM page on Decision Management Solutions – decisionmanagementsolutions.com/crm

While the blog has a list of my forthcoming speaking engagements on the sidebar, I realize that some of you only ever see the feed so I thought I would do a post with some upcoming opportunities to see or hear me in the wild. If you just want to meet me, you could catch [...]

CS TechCast is a podcast series released every Monday hosted by Eric Johnson, Eric Beehler, and Josh Jones. Each week they discuss the latest Information Technology trends and news, and bring you interviews with key members of the IT Community. This week they included a nice little interview with me and Neil about Smart (enough) [...]