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First results from the Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey


We have had great response to our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey – thanks to KD Nuggets for their support in particular this last week – and I have recorded a podcast with some of the initial highlights. We are leaving the survey open through the end of Predictive Analytics World so you can still tell us what you think.

Here’s a couple of the highlights:

  • There seems to be more interest from those working in predictive analytics than from those working in cloud with 40% having established predictive analytics as critical to decision-making in their organizations (much higher than overall averages).
  • Cloud has had less impact so far on our survey takers but most have specific plans with a focus on reducing internal IT demand. 40% have some standardized approach to cloud software which is interesting and shows how quickly cloud has become a standard deployment option.
  • Interest is pretty even across the 5 areas we identified in the position paper with embedding predictive analytics in SaaS applications being the most widely seen use of predictive analytics in the cloud. The potential for using predictive analytics in the cloud to push analytics into legacy applications scores high marks for the future though.
  • Reduced time to market is clearly the most important driver for adopting predictive analytics in the cloud.
  • Data security and privacy concerns as well as regulatory issues are barriers.
  • As I noted before there is a curious absence of IT management and lots of marketing people.

So, tell us what you think and take the survey. Don’t forget to also register so you can get access to the results as we publish them.