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Survey on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud – tell us what you think


Predictive Analytics in the CloudDecision Management Solutions, the company of which I am CEO, is running a study on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud. Both Predictive Analytics and Cloud are hot topics and the intersection has tremendous potential. Whether it is using cloud-based decision management systems powered by predictive analytics, using the cloud to deliver predictive analytics to SaaS and on-premise applications, moving predictive analytic modeling closer to cloud-based data or taking advantage of the elasticity of cloud-based solutions, Predictive Analytics in the Cloud has much to offer.

To find out what you think we have opened a survey and you can take it right now over on SmartData Collective – smartdatacollective.com/predictive-analytics-cloud-survey. We are really looking forward to collecting your input and seeing what you think so please go complete the survey – it should only take 10-15 minutes. Your responses are completely anonymous.

Once you have taken the survey, why not register to get the results and the rest of the deliverables? We have already produced a position paper on the five key areas for cloud based predictive analytics and we will be following up with a recorded webinar discussing the key issues of predictive analytics in the cloud as well as a series of podcasts on the intersection of predictive analytics and the cloud. Once the survey results are in we will also publish a final report covering the survey results and insights from the survey. We will wrap up with a final webcast making the case for predictive analytics in the cloud, presenting the survey results and with short presentations from the research sponsors – Clario, FICO, Opera Solutions, Predixion Software, SAS, Teradata and Toovio.