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The Hurwitz Group just published their Victory Index for Predictive Analytics. This is a great report on the core predictive analytic vendors written by Marcia Kaufman and Daniel Kirsch. The report covers Angoss, IBM, Megaputer, Pegasystems, Predixion, RapidMiner, Revolution Analytics, SAS, SAP, StatSoft. The report aims to assess four things about each vendor: Vision – how good the company’s strategy [...]

SAP recently summarized their Advanced Analytic solution stack, putting all their various advanced analytic components into a single solution stack. SAP sees advanced analytics as important as being competitive in the future will rely on an ability to leverage all kinds of data. They see Big Data, the Internet of Things, the need for increasingly [...]

Back in 2008 I wrote this post – The small impact of business rules on the big players, bemoaning the lack of serious investment in business rules on the part of major software companies. As we enter 2014 I thought I would revisit this post and consider what a difference 5 years makes. Let’s consider some [...]

First Thoughts: SAP and KXEN

SAP recently acquired KXEN, a leading provider of predictive analytics technology, to complement SAP’s existing analytic products. I have previously written about both companies’ products and this week got a chance to chat with John Ball, CEO of KXEN, as well as a number of executives on the SAP side. This is an important acquisition [...]

Big Data is often described in terms of an increase in volume, an increase in velocity and an increase in variety: More data, of more types, arriving more quickly. In this short series of blog posts I will discuss the impact of each aspect of Big Data on Decision Management Systems – systems designed to [...]

I have just finished up a new white paper on Predictive Analytics in Cloud CRM for KXEN: The use of predictive analytics is increasingly central to CRM processes at B2B and B2C companies. To adopt cloud CRM these companies are demanding cloud-based predictive applications. This paper discusses both the general use case for predictive analytics in [...]

I last got an update from KXEN when they launched InfiniteInsight Genius. Since then they have been rolling out cloud-based analytic applications built around their core modeling engine. In particular they have launched a new product, KXEN’s Predictive Offers, their second cloud-based predictive analytic application. KXEN has historically been focused on B2C companies, especially large [...]

Some time back I wrote a post called “It’s time to industrialize analytics“. In an ongoing twitter conversation (I am @jamet123) I referenced it and provoked some interesting responses that seem worth addressing in more than 140 characters. The conversation was between @JAdP, @deanabb, @merv, @ajbowles and myself and they are all worth following. We spent some [...]

I have recently finished a new white paper on Managing the Next Best Activity Decision, sponsored by KXEN. Every interaction with your customers is an opportunity to build your relationship. It could be a personalized marketing offer or proactive customer service. To make sure this interaction maximizes the value of your customer relationship, many organizations are [...]

I am giving a webinar with KXEN on January 24th at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern on Next Best Activity decisions Every interaction with your customers is an opportunity to build your relationship. It could be a personalized marketing offer or proactive customer service. To make sure this interaction maximizes the value of your customer relationship, many [...]

KXEN has been building out a series of elements over the past few years – InfiniteInsight™Explorer to create a semantic layer to manage your data layer and create/manage an analytic dataset; InfiniteInsight™ Modeler to automate the process of building predictive analytic models; InfiniteInsight™Scorer to deploy the results of models; and InfiniteInsight™ Factory to “industrialize” or [...]

Corticon and KXEN have just announced a new partnership. I am always glad when a business rules management system company like Corticon partners with a predictive analytic vendor like KXEN. These two technologies can be used together to automate and improve operational decisions and build powerful Decision Management Systems (the topic of my new book). [...]

Update – KXEN

It has been nearly two years since I got a briefing from KXEN (see my KXEN First Look here) so I was glad to get an update recently. KXEN was founded in 1998 and is a VC funded, privately held company headquartered in San Francisco. Their revenue is evenly split 45/45 between Europe and America [...]

I have decided to start running a post at the end of the week highlighting relevant web events for the following week. If you work at a vendor and want to tell me about yours, please send me an email at james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com. Likewise if you hear of something you think other readers of the blog [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Khosrow Hassibi of KXEN and Will Tangalos of Wells Fargo presented together on the challenges of predictive analytics in the real world and on Wells Fargo as an example of how some of these challenges can be met. Khosrow began with an overview of the basic predictive analytic tasks: Understand [...]

First Look – KXEN

I got my first chance to really see KXEN’s product a little while ago and, as I am off to Predictive Analytics World tomorrow, I thought I would blog about it. KXEN was founded in 1998. The product is designed to deliver automated data mining and predictive analytics at a function level – the user [...]