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Great Hurwitz Report on Predictive Analytic tools


The Hurwitz Group just published their Victory Index for Predictive Analytics. This is a great report on the core predictive analytic vendors written by Marcia Kaufman and Daniel Kirsch. The report covers Angoss, IBM, Megaputer, Pegasystems, Predixion, RapidMiner, Revolution Analytics, SAS, SAP, StatSoft. The report aims to assess four things about each vendor:

  • Vision – how good the company’s strategy for predictive analytics is
  • Viability – how sustainable the company’s presence in the market is
  • Validity – how customers perceive the technical benefits and capabilities of the company’s product
  • Value  – how much business value customers achieve with the company’s product

This assessment is based on vendor surveys, vendor supplied references, an online survey and some primary market research. The report has a great “headline” comment:

There is enormous opportunity in the advanced analytics market as more customers begin to move out of their comfort zone of traditional uses for analytic tools. Some customers may need help getting started; however, we expect to see explosive growth in this market as more companies begin to understand how advanced analytics can improve business outcomes.

The report discusses some of the big trends in analytics (including the growth of R, discussed in my paper on Standards in Predictive Analytics, new platforms such as In-Database Analytics and the use of Predictive Analytics in the Cloud) and has a short list of customer examples – the kinds of projects where companies are getting value from predictive analytics. In general they found that customers are building more complex predictive analytic models and doing so more quickly and more easily than in the past. As a result the scope of business challenges being addressed by predictive analytics is growing.  The report contains several sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Victory Index Methodology
  • III. Market Trends in Advanced Analytics
  • IV. Customer Examples in Advanced Analytics
  • V. Vendor Scores: Victors, Leaders, and Challengers
    • Go to Market Strength
    • Customer Experience Strength
  • VI. Vendor Assessments

The critical section, the vendor scores, splits the assessment into Go-To-Market Strength and Customer Experience Strength. In terms of results here’s what they have to say:

The Hurwitz Victory Index scores vendor performance across four dimensions – Vision, Viability, Validity, and Value. Each dimension measures important components of a vendor’s overall ability to deliver innovative solutions, outstanding customer service, and the business and technical value customers demand. IBM, SAS, SAP, and Angoss all achieved Double Victor status, receiving a Victor rating in both Go to Market Strength and Customer Experience Strength. Pegasystems also received a Victor rating in Go to Market Strength. StatSoft, Revolution Analytics, RapidMiner and Megaputer are Leaders in Go to Market Strength. Megaputer and RapidMiner are Leaders in Customer Experience Strength. The startup, Predixion, is rated a Challenger in Go to Market Strength and Customer Experience Strength.

The vendor sections contain some nice detail on each company and their products as well as some thoughtful assessment of each company’s positioning and differentiation.

Overall it’s a great report and I highly recommend it. You can download a free extract here and buy the full report here.


BTW my most recent blogs on these companies are here: Angoss, IBM, Pegasystems, Predixion, RapidMiner, Revolution Analytics, SAPSAS, StatSoft – Megaputer have never briefed me – plus of course you can get our view of the Decision Management Systems Platform market with our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report.


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