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First Look – KXEN InfiniteInsight Express


KXEN has been building out a series of elements over the past few years – InfiniteInsight™Explorer to create a semantic layer to manage your data layer and create/manage an analytic dataset; InfiniteInsight™ Modeler to automate the process of building predictive analytic models; InfiniteInsight™Scorer to deploy the results of models; and InfiniteInsight™ Factory to “industrialize” or automate the re-tuning and updating of models once they are created. The latest element is InfiniteInsight™ Express for self-service, designed to bring the power of these tools to Marketers rather than business analysts or data miners.

Express is a template-driven product with an initial template focused on campaign optimization (more project types will be added in the future).. Users begin by selecting an existing project or creating a new one, all in a web-based wizard interface. The user then selects the entity of interest (or what KXEN calls an “analytical record” like the 360-degree view of the customer) and product or behavior they are targeting – who and what. The metadata “analytical record” and resulting analytical data set are managed by Explorer – a power analyst has to define the variables, derived attributes and products available in the analytical record definition. Next step is to identify how far in advance you want to make a prediction and how much data you want to use to predict it – this defaults to previous 3 months but allows any time period selection (like since the last campaign or since a product launch). And that’s it.  The marketer presses Go and the predictive analytic model is built (synchronously or asynchronously).

The result is then displayed, showing a dial of predictive power for the model in terms of percentage (and yes, it will throw a warning if the predictive power gets high enough to be suspicious). Then it displays the influencer variables (using human readable names managed by the power user) so you can see what is driving the prediction. The wizard then walks into a simple profit estimator that allows you to specify the size of the campaign, the cost per person contacted and the profit per successful contact. This will display the profit per decile (or other division if you want). You can select the precise number of people to maximize the campaign value, to hit a budget or you can see how much profit you could make for a specific number of contacts. The final step is to generate the list to contact. The end result is a set of analytical records, models, etc. in the main KXEN repository.

Future InfiniteInsight™ Express templates being considered include uplift modeling (described by Eric Siegel here) and email modeling (optimizing uplift against downlift like email “opt outs”).

Update 4/9/13 InfiniteInsight® Express was renamed InfiniteInsight® Genius.