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A new Decision Management partnership – Corticon and KXEN


Corticon and KXEN have just announced a new partnership. I am always glad when a business rules management system company like Corticon partners with a predictive analytic vendor like KXEN. These two technologies can be used together to automate and improve operational decisions and build powerful Decision Management Systems (the topic of my new book). They are highly complementary and partnerships like this are great for bringing the two communities – business rules and predictive analytics – closer together.

I think this partnership is particularly interesting as the attitudes of the two companies are so similar – both have really focused on how to make their products accessible to less “technically expert” audiences: Corticon’s decision table metaphor (reviewed here) is squarely aimed at business users who can use Excel and want to write business rules. KXEN’s tools (reviewed here) similarly aim at those who want to build predictive analytic models but who are not statisticians or data mining experts. This shared perspective should serve them well as they work on integrating the products and developing solutions with customers that use both.


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