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First Look – Jaspersoft v3


In keeping with the open source theme this week (given I am at Intalio’s user conference), a quick note about Jaspersoft who just released version 3. This version puts a nice web 2.0 interface on a browser-based product. There’s a nice dashboard with some mashup capabilities and input controls that can be dragged and dropped to control the graphs. It supports external data like google maps.

While this version does not have any specific support for decision management it does represent another block in an open source stack of products for decision management – we have Drools for rules, Intalio has a nice BPM environment (soon to be integrated with Drools), R is out there for data mining and i know some folks are working to integrate R and Jaspersoft. Over the next few months I hope to see a full open source stack for EDM. There’s more information on Jaspersoft v3 here.


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