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I am giving a webinar for the International Institute for Analytics at 2:00pm ET on February 19 “Making the Best Decisions Possible with Enterprise Decision Management” We all make tactical and strategic decisions every day. With the presence of big data, are we making the right or the best decisions possible as data volume, velocity [...]

As part of working with SAS on their Decision Management initiatives I got to talk with their about their new product – SAS Decision Manager.  As part of this I recorded some wrote a product review: SAS Decision Manager delivers more precise, accurate, and traceable decisions into operational processes using analytics and business rules. SAS Decision Manager closes [...]

I wrote about FICO Model Central, FICO’s model management product, back in February of 2012. A new release, 3.0, is shipping with a new feature called Model Deployment Accelerator for rapid deployment. To recap, FICO Model Central automates analytic model compliance tasks, provides alerts and visualization to help you identify needed model updates, supports getting [...]

SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management is designed to externalize decision-making logic from application code while still supporting deployment to an ABAP environment. Decision Service Management is installed on a central design system. This single system can support multiple deployment/integration systems – as long as they are connected to the central design system the data in [...]

We recently updated our popular Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report for 2012. Available online or as a downloadable PDF, this report is the most comprehensive description of the technologies available for building Decision Management Systems. It covers business rules and Business Rules Management Systems, data mining and predictive analytics workbenches, optimization suites and solvers as [...]

My new book – Decision Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Using Business Rules and Predictive Analytics – is officially shipping – you can now order it (rather than pre-order it) at IBMPressbooks.com, at amazon.com or at InformIT. Build Systems That Work Actively to Help You Maximize Growth and Profits Most companies rely on operational systems [...]

The folks at IDC (Dan Vesset, Maureen Fleming, Steve Hendrick, Henry Morris and others) have just released Worldwide Decision Management Software 2010–2014 Forecast: A Fast-Growing Opportunity to Drive the Intelligent Economy – the first ever market sizing for “Decision Management”. This is exciting – it’s great to have a leading research organization like IDC pull [...]

While at the recent Gartner BPM conference (twitter feed at #gartnerbpm) I got some interesting questions from @gagan_s. He saw my posts on the bare essentials of making rules work and @skemsley‘s post on my advanced decisioning for process excellence session (recording here). The first question he asked was a follow-up to Jim Sinur (@jimsinur) [...]

I am the chair of the Summit and I am going to give … A Keynote on Smarter Systems for Uncertain Times A Tutorial on Maximizing the ROI of a Business Rules Investment with Decision Management A Special Talk on Performance Management and Agility The Early Bird rate for the Summit has been extended one [...]

An introduction to 5 core principles of Decision Management – operational decisions, business rules, predictive analytics, continuous improvement and decision making as a process. Little decisions add up The purpose of information is to decide You cannot afford to lock up your logic No answer, no matter how good, is static Decision Making is a [...]

Brent Leary interviewed me last week and posted it on his Social CRM blog. You can read about the interview, and listen to it here: Brent’s Social CRM Blog: Putting Customer Value to Work with Enterprise Decision Management – A Conversation with James Taylor. In it Brent and I mention an upcoming webinar with the [...]

[amazonify]1600050131:right[/amazonify][amazonify]1600050131::text::::Business Rule Revolution: Running Business the Right Way by Barbara Von Halle, Larry Goldberg[/amazonify] The book is a collection of chapters, not necessarily designed to be read in sequence. The chapters include: A great summary of various rules projects surveyed by KPI showing the focus on agility, consistency, knowledge management, legacy modernization, business control (though [...]

Neil Raden of Hired Brains and I have just published a new report on the Technology for Operational Decision Making. You can get the executive summary from my company site or register and download the full report. The report will also be available from the sponsors – without whom the report would not have happened. [...]

CRM Magazine has a great article on decision management this month and it is available on line. As the summary says: Neither your best guess nor your gut instinct is good enough anymore. Fortunately, with enterprise decision management, the technology and methodology now exist to help you reach a better conclusion. Check it out, along [...]

Well I did the Blog Talk Radio thing with Blake Landau this morning and hopefully there are some visitors today as a result. UPDATED: Here’s a link to the podcast – Decision management and CRM. If CRM is your thing, check out the Customer Experience category or this series on using decision management to build [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Tom Davenport had a post today on Microdecisions for Macro Impact that pointed out on the key benefits of decision management, with its focus on operational decisions: If you can identify a few key microdecisions that can be addressed and improved, you can often dramatically improve performance. “Micro decisions” is a phrase [...]

One of the questions I get often is around how decisions and business rules relate. People want to know so they can design their system and so they can manage change. I recently got a request for a link to a post describing the difference and I realize that, though I have lots of posts [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Concluding my response to – Programming Sucks! Or At Least, It Ought To it’s time to answer the specific comments I got. First, the reasonable ones: Ken said: It depends on the business requirement. If business rules need to be changed on the fly then a rules engine framework makes the most [...]

Two articles

Two articles from me that you might like to check out. First in Oracle’s Journal of Management Excellence 2009 February I have a Guest Commentary on The Overinstrumented Enterprise arguing that companies are investing too heavily in monitoring systems while under-investing in making those same systems manageable. This is similar to the argument I made [...]

Continuing this weeks posts on using decision management to improve development,  I thought I would post on how decision management should be part of model-driven development (model-driven engineering, a model-driven architecture or whatever). The recent, and premature, discussion of the death of SOA led Johan den Haan to post SOA is dead; long live Model-Driven [...]