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enterprise decision management

I am giving a webinar for the International Institute for Analytics at 2:00pm ET on February 19 “Making the Best Decisions Possible with Enterprise Decision Management” We all make tactical and strategic decisions every day. With the presence of big data, are we making the right or the best decisions possible as data volume, velocity [...]

The second full day of the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit is over and once again I have been taking notes rather than blogging live. Once again there were some great sessions – today I heard Steve Hendrick of IDC, Sandeep Gupta of Equifax, Chaitan Sharma of DAASL, Zach Springborn of OneData and Mo [...]

It’s the end of day 1 of the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit and time to write a wrap up post for the day – no live blogging today as I have too much on as track chair to sit behind my keyboard! Today I got to attend Jim Sinur’s keynote and sessions from [...]

Brent Leary interviewed me last week and posted it on his Social CRM blog. You can read about the interview, and listen to it here: Brent’s Social CRM Blog: Putting Customer Value to Work with Enterprise Decision Management – A Conversation with James Taylor. In it Brent and I mention an upcoming webinar with the [...]

The Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit in Las Vegas offers the most complete set of talks on business rules as well as some great sessions on rules in the context of BPM, adding analytics and focusing on decisions. I am giving a keynote on smarter systems for uncertain times, chairing the decision management track [...]

The International Business Rules Forum™ is the premier Conference dedicated to Business Rules, where the future of Business Rules, Decisioning, Compliance & Enterprise Design is taking shape! This year’s event covers Business Rules, Decision Management, Business Process, Governance and Compliance. Once again I will be giving a tutorial and a keynote and acting as track [...]

Neil Raden of Hired Brains and I have just published a new report on the Technology for Operational Decision Making. You can get the executive summary from my company site or register and download the full report. The report will also be available from the sponsors – without whom the report would not have happened. [...]

CRM Magazine has a great article on decision management this month and it is available on line. As the summary says: Neither your best guess nor your gut instinct is good enough anymore. Fortunately, with enterprise decision management, the technology and methodology now exist to help you reach a better conclusion. Check it out, along [...]

Enterprise Decision Management Summit 2009 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nov. 1-5, 2009 Business Rules Decision Management Business Alignment Symposium – New! “How-to” Project Labs – New! Business Process Management Track – New! CEP Workshop – New! Make sure you’re on the Business Rules Forum mailing list – sign-up here: http://www.businessrulesforum.com While you are [...]

First Look – Sonetto Retail

I got a briefing on IVIS Group’s Sonetto product this week. Sonetto is most famous as the platform for Tesco’s multi-channel strategy. Sonetto is a product designed to focus on multi-channel operations, especially (but not exclusively) multi-channel retail. They make the very valid point that multi-channel retail is complex. Not only do retailers have multiple [...]

Doug Henschen had a blog post on IBM today that caught my eye – Will IBM Add Analytics to its Toolbelt? in which he quoted Ambuj Goyal (who heads up information management at IBM) as saying predictive analytics are overrated. Sadly this reminded me of the old days of IBM – when FUD (fear, uncertainty [...]

Nice article on EDM

Joe McKendrick wrote a nice article on how EDM give companies a competitive edge for the Teradata Magazine this month. Joe did a nice job, as usual, of bringing out some key points and quoting me. My two favorite quotes were: In addition, it’s inherently difficult to build actionable intelligence into most existing applications. “Enterprise [...]

Oracle’s BI Strategy

Tobin Gilman of Oracle presented on Oracle’s BI Strategy. Oracle views Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence as coming together over time and has a single strategy. They see ERP and CRM as having enabling operational efficiencies by driving a process-centric view across silos. Clearly BPM has completed this transition. Yet management processes – reporting, [...]

Tom wrote an interesting post this week on 10 Principles of the New Business Intelligence and made a couple of really good points: 1. Decisions are the unit of work to which BI initiatives should be applied. 2. Providing access to data and tools isn’t enough if you want to ensure that decisions are actually [...]

New blog location

Well as you might have noticed I have a new blog location – jtonedm.com (JT on EDM). The blog on smartenoughsystems.com/wp is now retired and all the posts will redirect here. If you have a link to the smartenoughsystems blog please move it – just replace smartenoughsystems.com/wp with jtonedm.com (note the dropping of the /wp).

I was pointed to a post today on the topic of customer service (Another Day, Another Customer-Service Nightmare on the EconoWhiner) that pointed out that companies need to provide quality service and quality customer service if they’re going to survive an economic downturn as severe as this one? Now I am not going to pick [...]

An old friend sent me a link to an article on the Financial Times – How to survive an IT squeeze. I was struck by a couple of quotes: Scarcity of capital will generate increased competition for the cash that is available. Consequently it will be even more important that businesses do everything they can [...]

I just wrote an article for BPM Institute on The Technology of Business (Enterprise) Decision Management. It’s short but, if you want more, Neil and I are working on a multi-vendor study of the technology for decision management that we should have available really soon…

I thought I would wrap up with some closing thoughts for the week: Lots of discussion of the importance of data – understanding it, integrating it, cleaning it and making the same data available to those reporting on it, doing analytics with it and running operational systems. Interesting times in the rules market with recent [...]

Michele Edelman of Discover presented on Building Blocks of Decision Management: “Tools to Rule”. Michele spends a lot of time educating people inside Discover and her team use sources like McKinsey to show executives why EDM matters. For instance, a report on top 10 macro-economic trends: Centers of economic activity will shift profoundly not just [...]