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web 2.0

Bosch Software Innovations (the company that emerged from Bosch’s acquisition of Innovations Software Technology with its Visual Rules BRM suite some years ago) acquired inubit last year and has been working to develop an integrated portfolio. The inubit acquisition came after a number of joint projects where customers used both inubit Suite for BPM and [...]

I got an update from InfoCentricity recently. InfoCentricity are a software company focused on delivering a web-based, advanced predictive analytics workbench (Xeno). They were founded back in 2000 have been releasing various components of their Xeno platform since then as well as a first application based on this platform (Campaign Analyzer). Xeno4 is the new [...]

First Look – Aster Data

I listened in to the Boulder BI Brain Trust briefing from Aster some weeks back and then got a follow-on update last week. Aster was founded in 2005 based on research performed by a team at Stanford. The initial plan was to develop a data management platform based on commodity hardware and this was released [...]

First Look – Cloudera

I got my first chance to catch up with the folks at Cloudera recently. Founded in 2008 Cloudera has nothing really to do with “cloud” and focuses instead on “big data” – helping organizations capture, integrate and analyze new sources of detailed business data. Cloudera like to describe themselves as the RedHat for Hadoop – [...]

Enterprise Application 2.0

As organizations try to achieve agility, productivity and efficiency they often look to new technologies, new approaches to change the status quo. But when it comes to information systems, most large enterprises have an electronic backbone of legacy enterprise applications. Whether packaged or custom developed, these are “1.0” enterprise applications. Or, more bluntly, dumb applications. [...]

Craig Hayman presented some interesting statistics to kick off – 83% of CEOs expect significant change yet 76% of IT budgets is spent on maintenance. BPM BlueWorks is one of IBM’s new products – very like AlignSpace – and Craig kicked off a demo. The web environment provides lots of information about process modeling and [...]

First Look – AlignSpace

I had an interesting chat with Miko Matsumura VP and Deputy CTO of Software AG the other day. While we ranged widely, the official topic was Software AG’s launch of AlignSpace. AlignSpace is a hosted “Social BPM” solution supporting collaborative process discovery. The idea is that it will combine: Social networking (around process definitions) Collaborative [...]

The unrealized power of data

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective Andreas Weigend, former amazon.com Chief Scientist, gave a keynote on the unrealized power of data. He started with a historical perspective. In the 70s perhaps 10M used computers, mostly in the back office. By the 80s this had reached 100M and the front office. By the 90s the internet and [...]

Frank DiGiovanni of Group RCI (a vacation exchange and vacation rental company, part of Wyndham Worldwide) presented on their journey  – a legacy modernization using ILOG Rules. Frank  identified SOA, legacy migration from mainframe to SOA and how business rules complements these as his key topics. Group RCI’s core problem was threefold: Members: had to [...]

Nicolas Robbe came next to give some updates on the product roadmaps. To be honest what he mostly did was summarize recent developments – nothing really about futures. First he talked about optimization and CPLEX’s 20 year history. With CPLEX 11 they feel they can solve 70% of the very hardest optimization problems – way [...]

Two articles I saw recently (Is SOA Enabling Intelligent Agents? and Three Keys to Enabling Agile Business Services) made me think about decision services in the context of agility and of so-called “intelligent agents”. Clearly SOA, web 2.0 and network-centric…

The SOA Symposium started today in the AJAX Stadium in Amsterdam. The opening keynotes were actually in the Stadium itself – we all sat at the halfway line. Thomas Erl and Sandy Carter gave quick intros and I will add some comments later but I could not type so this is just a placeholder have [...]

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Some time ago I saw an article that discussed the 8Ps (4 old, 4 new) of Marketing. It seemed to me that decision making, especially operational/transactional decision making is critical to most of these Ps. Here, then, is my summary of the 8Ps and why decisions, and decision management, matter. 4 Ps Product You might [...]

First Look – Jaspersoft v3

In keeping with the open source theme this week (given I am at Intalio’s user conference), a quick note about Jaspersoft who just released version 3. This version puts a nice web 2.0 interface on a browser-based product. There’s a nice dashboard with some mashup capabilities and input controls that can be dragged and dropped [...]

Coghead and Intalio

Greg Olsen from Coghead presented how they are using Intalio’s BPMS. Greg is a believer in “small BPM” – something to extend and enhance something else. Greg’s experience led him to conclude that some basic database/process capabilities could be very useful to non-developers. Coghead was a platform as a service play from the beginning and [...]

Book Review – groundswell

[amazonify]1422125009:right[/amazonify][amazonify]1422125009::text::::Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies[/amazonify] I have just finished reading Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. Groundswell is a great book providing a thorough and up to date discussion of how to use social media, and more, to connect with and energize your customers. The book approaches the [...]

Jeff Hammond’s theme for this presentation is that as enterprise experiment with web 2.0 some successful adoption patterns are emerging. There are three ways to look at web 2.0: Enabling technologies Flex, Air, Silverlight, XML, Ajax, cloud computing Core applications Blogs, wikis, social networks, tagging, rss, mashups built on these core technologies Behavior shifts Information [...]

Mark Hennessy the CIO from IBM presented on his perspective on the changing role of the CIO. An IBM survey in 2005 found that of CEOs 80% thought IT had to be aligned to be successful but only 45% thought this was something they did well. More recent surveys showed CIOs feeling that this was [...]

I’m going to be on stage with Mike Gualtieri soon but I thought I would drop in and listen to him on the future of application development. Sadly this meant missing a session on BI but even I can’t be in two places at once. Mike’s theme is that the value of application developers in [...]