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predictve analytics

Richard Boire gave a presentation on predictive analytics in customer service at the Canadian Automobile Association. Organizations that successfully adopt analytics are willing, and able to change. Richard’s focus then is on tools and techniques that help create the engagement needed to drive adoption. CAA is the Canadian equivalent of the US AAA, providing insurance, [...]

Dean Abbott of Abbott Analytics presented on the induction of business rules having become, he said, reacquainted with and convinced of the value of business rules alongside data mining (something, of course, I would strongly support). The particular problem was a call center help desk in which text mining was used to find the rules [...]

Eric Brethenoux of SPSS was up next talking about analytics using what your customers tell you. Customer segments are inherently blurred because they are a composite. Identifying the people behind a segment is hard and increasingly more difficult as the number of brands, devices, channels, media and social networks are exploding. And people have multiple [...]

Eric Siegel’s keynote focused on new and innovative uses of analytics – asking the audience to focus on their most expensive operations, their greatest operational risks, their critical operational decisions. Predictive analytics, he says, is a business intelligence technology that produces a predictive score for each customer or prospect – something scoring their risk of [...]

New article on smarter systems

My latest column on BR Community has been published – “Smarter Systems:  Action-oriented, Flexible, Predictive, Learning,” Business Rules Journal, Vol. 11, No. 2 (Feb. 2010), URL:  http://www.BRCommunity.com/a2010/b524.html Enjoy

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Predictive Analytics World, February 16-17, 2010 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco is turning into the biggest yet. I am going to be speaking on analytic journeys and giving a workshop on putting predictive analytics to work and there are some great keynotes from Andreas Weigen (ex-amazon.com), Kim Larsen (Charles Schwab) [...]

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager (RDM) is designed for inbound communications, complementing outbound communication solutions. It aims at real-time delivery of decisions and recommendations during a customer interaction to optimize that interaction to improve revenue, growth and retention. For example, in retail banking, a customer might come in with a new job with very different income [...]

Quick note to let you know that the early bird pricing for Predictive Analytics World expires this week so it’s time to register. You can also use my discount code – SPEAKPAW010 – to get a 15% discount. I am running a workshop the day before (you should be there) and speaking/moderating on the first [...]

I recently met the folks at Dulles Research, a scientific computing outfit focused on analytic solutions for enterprise software. The folks who founded Dulles had previously worked at Marketswitch (focused on large scale optimization and sold to Experian in 2004) and have a long history of working with companies who are serious about using analytics [...]

Operational Analytics survey

As part of some research on operational analytics I am doing for BeyeNetwork we have developed and posted a survey – please go to http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/?p=WEB22A3HRGXRBS and take it. It shouldn’t take you long and you can fill out a request to get the results.

Where to start with analytics?

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork One of my google alerts pointed me to this thread on Oracle’s discussion forums OTN Discussion Forums : Text Mining Dictionary …. I got the alert because one of friends at Oracle responded to the question “Where to Start?” by quoting the book (Smart (Enough) Systems) I wrote with Neil Raden: Wrong: [...]

A predictive enterprise

Syndicated from ebizQ I was reading an old SPSS presentation the other day and found a great definition of a Predictive Enterprise: A predictive enterprise: Derives maximum value from its data assets Understands its business by gaining deep insight Leverages advanced analytics to predict outcomes Turns this knowledge into action to optimize decision making across [...]

Recording of the Breakaway Breakout session where Fred Balboni and I discuss the new IBM research on using analytics to breakaway from competitors. Watch live streaming video from newintelligence at livestream.com

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork My friends at Zementis have just launched support for executing predictive analytic models in Excel – check out Predictive Analytics at your fingertips: Scoring data in Microsoft Office Excel. While not, exactly, a high-volume transaction environment, Excel is an interesting place for executing predictive models and I like the way the folks [...]

In Risk Is Not a Quarterly Exercise; It Should Be a Way of Life Norman Marks asks an interesting and pertinent question: Is your risk management program a quarterly exercise or a way of life in the business? One of the most uses of analytics is in risk assessment – predicting fraud or credit risk [...]

A decisioning elevator pitch

Syndicated from ebizQ So you’re the CIO of a Fortune 500 company and you step into an elevator with your CEO. He asks why the board should approve your seven figure Decision Management budget request. What’s your “elevator pitch” for decisioning? Is it that decisioning can change the basic assumptions of your business – decoupling [...]

The spring Predictive Analytics World 2010 is coming to San Francisco in February and the agenda is now published at PredictiveAnalyticsWorld.com.  I am giving a tutorial (Putting Predictive Analytics to Work) the day before the conference and speaking on the first day (Analytic journeys). If you are interested, use the code SPEAKPAW010 to get a [...]

Analytic truth and myth

Alison Bolen posted a nice list of analytic truths, or perhaps myths, on the SAS blog today and asked what people thought. I was, of course, unable to resist: To make analytics successful, the CEO has to have a personal interest in it. MYTH While it is true that the only companies I see who [...]

Malcolm Gladwell, Thornton May (author of The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics)and Tom Davenport (author of Competing on Analytics, reviewed here) made up a high powered panel for this. Various random comments follow: Healthcare is being used as an example by the panel as an obvious point where analytics and expertise intersect. There is [...]

Rex Pruitt discussed Premier Bankcard’s development of a good customer score. I have written about how Premier Bankcard is putting predictive analytics to work as I used them in my presentation on putting analytics to work earlier. Job 1 was to define a good customer – find the definitions that the CEO, the CFO, heads [...]