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Predictive analytics – in Excel of all places


Syndicated from BeyeNetwork

My friends at Zementis have just launched support for executing predictive analytic models in Excel – check out Predictive Analytics at your fingertips: Scoring data in Microsoft Office Excel. While not, exactly, a high-volume transaction environment, Excel is an interesting place for executing predictive models and I like the way the folks at Zementis have done it. The integration of their standard deployment engine means that IT departments have some options – cloud or on premise – for running the scoring engine while still pushing predictive analytics into Excel. I am increasingly convinced that delivering the same rules and analytics to decision support, through Excel say, as are used in automated decisioning systems is important. Most decisioning systems don’t handle 100% of transactions so people will be handling the exceptions and it will be useful to them to have access to the same decisioning infrastructure.


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