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predictve analytics

Tim Manns presented on Optus SingTel’s work using social interactions in analytics. In this case the social network is the people you know based on who you call, and who you don’t call. Optus is part of SinfgTel and is a telco based in Australia that competes with the main telco and has about 35% [...]

Stamatis Stefankos gave a presentation on his work with Sunrise Communications to forecast and reduce printing and mailing costs in a CRM context. Sunrise is the #2 telco in Switzerland with mobile and landline customers with 1.7 mobile customers (the majority). They have a typical data infrastructure with a data warehouse that pulls in data [...]

I presented today at Predictive Analytics World (I will post slides later) and John Elder, one of my favorite data mining presenters, gave a great session on the ROI of data mining. John started by giving me a great plug and then pointed out that one of the reasons data mining has survived as an [...]

An analytic minute (or two)

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork A little while back I got to spend a few minutes talking about analytics and optimization with Jack Mason of IBM. He posted the resulting video over on the Smarter Planet blog. Enjoy. I am at Predictive Analytics World today so this is nice and timely. Look for some posts today on [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I have been thinking about lift curves this week (no, really, this is the kind of thing I think about) and I thought it was worth spending a post describing them and their value. Before I actually talk about a lift curve I need to give you a little background. The purpose [...]

The Decision Management Solutions webinar series starts this week with an introduction to the registration page for the series to register for several at once.

Earlier this week I attended a local Business Intelligence SIG to hear Eric Siegel speak.  This was essentially a preview of Eric’s keynote presentation at Predictive Analytics World next month on reducing costs with predictive analytics. Eric is giving a webinar with me as part of the Decision Management Solutions webinar series – Optimizing Business [...]

The second webinar in the series, this one on  optimizing business decisions with predictive analytics. Harnessing value with predictive analytics depends on some careful choices: What kind of customer behavior you predict and which operational decisions you automate with it. This webinar will guide you in making these choices, and cover a healthy dose of [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Curt Monash has been Thinking About Analytic Speed over on The Intelligent Enterprise Blog and makes some good points about the different kinds of analytic speed. One area I find lots of confusion in discussions of analytic speed that Curt does not touch on is the difference in time to build an [...]

Brent Leary interviewed me last week and posted it on his Social CRM blog. You can read about the interview, and listen to it here: Brent’s Social CRM Blog: Putting Customer Value to Work with Enterprise Decision Management – A Conversation with James Taylor. In it Brent and I mention an upcoming webinar with the [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I was attending IBM’s launch of its analytic appliances when it announced its intent to acquire SPSS. I did not get a chance to write much more at the time but I did not want to let the opportunity pass completely.I think the announcement represents a sea change in the decision management [...]

The Business Analytics Summit is in San Jose. I am moderating a panel on Predictive Analytics on the first day. Jean-Paul Isson, VP BI & Predictive Analytics for Monster Worldwide, and Gordon Linoff, Principal of Data-Miners Inc are already confirmed for the panel. Contact me for a $100 discount and register here.

I am speaking at Predictive Analytics World. On the 19th I am giving a tutorial on putting predictive analytics to work. This is a whole day tutorial with lots of practical content, plus you get a copy of my book. If you are just coming to the show you can catch a summary of this [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ Following on from yesterday’s post on analytics, let’s talk about predictive analytics. Another phrase I picked up while working at FICO was this one: Predictive analytics turn uncertainty about the future into usable probability Again, I don’t know if the phrase originated there or was just in common usage but it always [...]

This week’s event calendar is below. The intent of this weekly post is to focus on web events coming in the next few weeks and conferences in the coming months. If you know about web or physical events around business rules, analytics, optimization or decision management, please let me know – james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com. Web Events: SPSS [...]


UPDATED BASED ON CALL – see below In NY for IBM’s Analytics announcements. The original agenda has been overtaken by events – IBM bought SPSS this morning. Ambuj Goyal came on to talk about SPSS and focused on their predictive analytics software. SPSS is very widely used – 250,000 customers in all sorts of industries [...]

Last week I responded to some concerns raised about the dark side of analytics and this prompted a very thoughtful comment from Will Dwinnell who said My fear is that much of the nuance about what a predictive model is really saying about airline passenger THX1138 is lost, and the security guard at the gate [...]

Analytics – the dark side?

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Oz Analytics – The Darker Side Of Analytics was an interested little post discussing the risk of using analytics to, in this case, to profile potential criminals based on past behavior. The use of analytics to predict crime and criminals is certainly growing and, as Steve said in his post, you have [...]

clario Analytics was founded back in 2002 largely by folks from Fingerhut. The team had been working on mailstream optimization – how to manage catalogs. The best customers of a catalog marketer can get literally 100 catalogs per year and this is not good. Initially a consulting company they raised money in 2006 and launched [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork John Elder of Elder Research is well known in data mining circles and speaks/teaches regularly. Not only has John recently released a new book (Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications), he has now released his great seminar on the top 10 mistakes in data mining on YouTube! Highly recommended for [...]