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A predictive enterprise


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I was reading an old SPSS presentation the other day and found a great definition of a Predictive Enterprise:

A predictive enterprise:

  • Derives maximum value from its data assets
  • Understands its business by gaining deep insight
  • Leverages advanced analytics to predict outcomes
  • Turns this knowledge into action to optimize decision making across all areas of its operations

I like this definition for several reasons. First, I like the focus on using analytics to maximize the value of data assets. Secondly I like the way it focuses on analytics to predict outcomes. And finally I like the focus on operationalizing this knowledge. Decision Management, with its focus on getting more value from data using analytics and its focus on putting those analytics to work using business rules is the best way to create a predictive enterprise. Using business rules in this way also means that the optimized decisions you are making are transparent and easy to change, agile, thanks to the engagement of business users that business rules make possible.

For 2010, you should be striving to become a predictive enterprise. Are you?

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