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Event-Driven Architecture

I got a chance to speak with ILOG today and do some thinking so it’s time to write more about the IBM and ILOG announcement. As it is an acquisition of one publicly traded company by another neither company can legally say very much. As a result I, like everyone else, have a bunch of [...]

My old friend Paul Vincent had an interesting post on Complex Event Processing – Aberdeen on Predictive Analytics & BI => CEP – in which he talked about some of the drivers for BI sounding a lot like complex event processing drivers/scenarios. There is certainly event correlation in these examples but there is also a [...]

Just saw the announcement that Tibco is buying Insightful. Insightful has a range of data mining tools build on the open source R algorithms as well as some proprietary pieces. This means that Tibco now has a BPM environment, a rules/event processing one, Spotfire for visualization and data mining/predictive analytics development and deployment. In theory [...]

Last session of the day (also blogged on paper) was Charles Brett on Why Events Matter To The Business and what this means for application development professionals. I heard Charles talk on a similar subject at the IBM IMPACT event –Live from IMPACT – Business Event Processing. While many more business and IT people are [...]

The second part of my response to Dave Wright’s comment is about the kind of business one can run after one adopts EDM. To do this, let’s predicate the discussion a company that has adopted Enterprise Decision Management as a core management principle, implemented the technology and development approaches that support it and had long [...]

Ed Lynch, from the AptSoft acquisition, was on next for me talking about using Business Event Processing for an agile business response. This was interesting given IBM’s recent announcements on business event processing. Charles Brett from Forrester began with an overview of Event Processing. Charles, like many, assumed that event processing was a narrowly focused [...]

Sandy Carter kicks it off and introduced Craig Hayman of IBM. Smart SOA, he says, is fundamentally about loosely coupled services being integrated into scalable, reliable processes to tackle change. BPM enabled by SOA allows you to do this – embrace change while having a stable SOA foundation. This relies on the Model/Simulate, Rapidly Deploy/Change, [...]

It turns out they are going to move the schedule back to allow for the overrun in the keynotes so I have some time to catch up. So, Steve Mills. Steve re-iterated the power of business and IT alignment, again quoting the LSE / McKinsey study that shows such alignment doubles productivity (I am looking [...]

Jack van Hoof has a nice post this week on IT Services Stack: collaboration experiment in which he outlines an IT Service Stack and invites participation from those with opinions to try and flesh out a common set of definitions. I liked the overall stack but I have a couple of suggestions. Here are my [...]

At least it’s blog cannot. I saw this post by my old friend Paul Vincent – Business rule execution: stateless/transactional, stateful/monitoring, or both? and tried to comment on it. Sadly the Tibco blog can’t add 6 and 2 and so rejected my comment (the sum was spam protection). So here’s my comment: I am not [...]

This morning I watched and listen to two old friends of mine – Wayne Eckerson of TDWI and Dan Graham of Teradata as they gave a webinar on “Approaches to operational BI” (PDF of slides, Webinar Recording). Wayne and Dan did a nice tag team discussing the principles involved and giving some Teradata-specific examples. Wayne [...]

James Kobielus of Forrester posted on BI’s New Frontiers In 2008 And Beyond. While James made some interesting points I think that he missed perhaps the most interesting one – whether what we call “BI” today will be able to evolve into what we need in the future or whether these new frontiers will require [...]

Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi posted A SOA+BPM+CDM Ontology with a very nice graphic showing his point of view when it comes to the various aspects of Business Process Management (BPM), SOA and Event-Driven Architecture(EDA). Given his model, which I liked, Decision Services (wiki) are going to be in the Activity layer – not part of Entity Services [...]

IDC Software Predictions 2008

Thanks to my friends at IDC I got to attend an IDC Breakfast on their predictions for 2008. First up was Henry Morris discussing general economic trends. He pointed out that economic indicators are mixed and that IT buyer confidence is low and IT spending very sensitive to GDP. In particular, Japan , NA and [...]

Steve Hendrick of IDC kicked off day 2 with his keynote on Intelligent Process Automation: The Key to Business Process Automation. Steve started with a story about AMR and SABRE. Back in 80s startup low-cost airlines were putting real pressure on them and they could not meet the price. Thomas Cook came and introduced yield [...]

Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy was up next, talking about Turbocharging business rules with BI 2.0. Charles wrote a nice little eBook called In Search of Insight (it’s free and you can download it here). I have also blogged about SeeWhy a couple of times – here and here. Charles defined BI 2.0 as a business [...]

Sandy is my fellow blogger- she blogs at column2 but I met here when we both blogged over on ebizQ (my blog is here). She presented on “Business Process Management with Business Rules and Business Intelligence” and started by pointing out that she has long felt that business rules are essential for business process management [...]

John Trigg over on the Apama blog had a post today – The Opportunity for Business Intelligence: Is it Evolution or Revolution? – that made me think about Complex Event Processing(CEP) and Decision Mangement. Many of the posts I see about CEP, like John’s, are trying to compare CEP with BI and so-called Operational BI [...]