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Tibco becomes the first company with BPM, visualization, rules and data mining


Just saw the announcement that Tibco is buying Insightful. Insightful has a range of data mining tools build on the open source R algorithms as well as some proprietary pieces. This means that Tibco now has a BPM environment, a rules/event processing one, Spotfire for visualization and data mining/predictive analytics development and deployment. In theory this could mean that they have a real decision management platform coming, though the fact that the Insightful announcement is linked tightly to Spotfire makes me concerned that this is just going to be data mining for pretty pictures.

No-one from Tibco has told us anything yet beyond what’s in the press release but hopefully more will become known in the coming weeks. Interesting…


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  • David June 20, 2008, 11:50 am

    I was reading up on this yesterday as well. They seem to have most of the pieces of a decision management platform, but having them work together in a cohesive way will be the challenge. Just slapping a real-time BRE on top of the other products (BPM / Collaboritive Information Manager / SOA Platform and the newly acquired Insightful) is probably not a realistic decision management option for any company who is not a big Tibco customer.

    It looks to me like a pretty picture of a build-it-yourself decision management solution. Only time will tell.