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A post to replace a comment because Tibco can’t count…


At least it’s blog cannot. I saw this post by my old friend Paul Vincent – Business rule execution: stateless/transactional, stateful/monitoring, or both? and tried to comment on it. Sadly the Tibco blog can’t add 6 and 2 and so rejected my comment (the sum was spam protection). So here’s my comment:
I am not sure I agree 100%. The argument sounds a little like “I have a CEP engine, what could I do with it” rather than taking a business problem and seeing how best to address it. For most insurance companies, real-time or even intra-day events are rare and significance in those things rarer still. It is a low event volume business. I don’t buy the stateful advantages to #2 and #3 is a data problem, not an event one.
CEP has lots of potential applications but this did not seem compelling to me….


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  • Paul Vincent March 5, 2008, 12:48 am

    I’m pretty sure the TIBCO blog is *not* running any Complex Comment Processing!