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Event processing and decisioning are complementary


My old friend Paul Vincent had an interesting post on Complex Event Processing – Aberdeen on Predictive Analytics & BI => CEP – in which he talked about some of the drivers for BI sounding a lot like complex event processing drivers/scenarios.

There is certainly event correlation in these examples but there is also a need to decide effectively – not just to process the event but to decide how to act appropriately. While you could bundle that in with CEP, many decisions (such as what makes a good cross-sell for this customer) might also be used in process-centric situations as well as event-centric ones. Externalizing and managing these decisions as distinct assets would therefore make sense.

I was going to post it as a comment but the Tibco blog apparently can’t add up and thinks that 5 + 10 <> 15.


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  • Paul Vincent June 26, 2008, 4:30 am

    +1 on “the need to decide” (which is why TIBCO’s CEP system includes a rule engine and decision management capabilities). Apologies for the TIBCO blog provider not wanting to let James post – I’ve no idea what rules are running there!