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enterprise decision management

EDM Summit – Day 2 Begins

Getting ready for my keynote and wanted to post a few quick things. Firstly other bloggers: Sandy Kemsley, Paul Vincent and Mike Kaviz are all here and are/will be posting. Here are the links I found so far: Business Rules Forum: Vendor Panel Business Rules Forum: Mixing Rules and Process Business Rules Forum: Ron Ross [...]

Chubb has been working with Blaze Advisor to automate a number of decisions. They began with specialty lines underwriting (automated renewals), claims severity calculation and work queue assignment. Current focus is on integrating predictive models and some legacy modernization. The automated renewals project reduced the time to make renewal rule changes from 3-6 months of [...]

Graham Hill wrote a piece on Evidence-based CRM that focused on evidence-based CRM programs and it made me think about evidence-based CRM processes. To me, evidence-based CRM means customer relationships, and thus customer treatments, that are based on evidence (data) and not judgment, hope, guesswork etc. It means making offers that you have evidence this [...]

Well at least one more as of today – Jim Sinur, over on his Gartner blog – has finally started to use the phrase he has been threatening to use for a while “Intelligent Decision Management”. While Jim has not published a formal definition – I expect he will soon now he is back at [...]

Dumb government systems

I recently past 10 years as a US citizen and, as a result, was returning from Europe with a new passport. To celebrate this occaision the INS decided to put me through a manual check – apparently my name matched someone on the watch list. Now it should be noted that nothing else did – [...]

Randy Saunders had a great post over on the Perfect Customer Experience –Can I please speak with a live agent? In it he has a great quote: Forester’s study finds that 45 percent of consumers prefer to speak with a customer service agent to answer questions and resolve service issues, yet most walk away from [...]

Last chance for the EDM Summit

There are only 12 Days Left to register for the first Enterprise Decision Management Summit so get off your butt and register! Neil and I Co-Chairs and readers of the blog can get a discount. We are presenting twice – A Pre-Conference Tutorial Succeeding as a Decision-Centric Organization and a Keynote Competing on Decisions. Because [...]

Welcome members of SAI!

I presented at an evening event for SAI, a professional IT organization, in Brussels last night and had a wonderfully attentive and engaged audience – remarkably so considering how late the event was! I promised to post my slides and here they are – a longer version of my decision services presentation.

Putting Analytics to Work

Here’s my presentation from the InfoCentricity User Exchange. Enjoy. Putting Analytics To Work View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: predictive analyticsanalyticedmente…)

A reader had an interesting question this week. As a comment to Using decision management to deliver intelligent business performance he asked “What makes a company ready?”. I suspect my closing line “The products are, mostly, ready. Whether companies are is another question…” prompted this. So, what makes a company ready for enterprise decision management [...]

I got a briefing this week from my friends at Tibco about their Service Performance Manager product released a couple of months ago. The product is a big step along the road to what some call “autonomic computing” in that it provides dynamic and automated monitoring and correction of service levels in a service-oriented world. [...]

Steve Cranford of PwC wrote an interesting piece called Bringing Order to Chaos (brought to my attention by Alan over at Tibco) that made me think. Steve’s focus is on the next software suite for enterprises (something he calls an Intelligent Business Performance Platform) consisting of business intelligence, business process and business rules. Reading this [...]

I got an interesting series of questions from a reader that seemed to me to justify a longish post. The initial question was quite harmless looking: Can you give a clue as to what software engineering approach you use/recommend for EDM, but especially business rules that non-IT staff can alter safely? But the whole thing [...]

Our article on The Nature of Operational Decisions was just published – enjoy!

I got a chance to speak with ILOG today and do some thinking so it’s time to write more about the IBM and ILOG announcement. As it is an acquisition of one publicly traded company by another neither company can legally say very much. As a result I, like everyone else, have a bunch of [...]

The folks at CustServ had a piece on The 3-Minute Promise to Avis Customers that made me think. If you wanted to make a similar promise – that some process of yours would be quick, efficient, flawless and seamless – would the systems you have help you or hurt you? Would your systems be able [...]

I saw a post today on medical credit scoring that made me think I should post something about how credit scoring can be used in healthcare. Now saying that, of course, makes everyone nervous – are we talking about refusing people treatment because of their credit score? Why should financial questions like credit worthiness have [...]

My good friends Larry Goldberg and Barbara von Halle have just published an interesting article: The New Frontier: BPM, BDM and SOA. It’s worth a read as it makes some good points about the intersection of BPM and decision management – whether Business Decision Management or Enterprise Decision Management.

Ed Garry of Oracle wrote a piece for Wall Street and Technology called Analytics Help Firms Turn Data Into Opportunity that I found last week. In it Ed talks about Real Time Decisioning platforms that “deliver both rules and predictive analytics to power solutions for real-time enterprise decision management”. Ed is, of course, correct though [...]

Is Self-Service good or bad?

Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe had a column “Self-serve and slave” (that I saw in the San Jose Mercury News as “In a self-serve nation, work gets dumped on us“) in which she rails against self-service and compares it to the outsourcing of work from paid employees to us consumers. As she says: For [...]