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Webinar: Building Outstanding Customer Relationships


I am participating in a webinar Building Outstanding Customer Relationships: Delivering Relevant Next Best Actions for Retail Bank Customers on September 21st at 12 Noon Eastern/9am Pacific with Steven Noels of NGDATA.

Next best action marketing is a tactic that has been around for a while, but few marketers have been able to fully take part in this powerful marketing strategy – especially in financial services, where customer data is abundant but hard to act on for marketing use. It’s a concept that the whole organization needs to align on because it impacts the entire customer experience. With next best action marketing, each customer becomes a “segment of one” versus a “segment of many,” improving marketing action precision and relevancy.

To implement next best action marketing, you need to have the right technology in place. It should be able to give you a complete understanding of each and every customer, and also be able to decide on – and recommend – the right actions to take, at the right time, based on the complete and actionable view of each individual customer.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Key concepts of next best action marketing
  • The importance of understanding your customers in an omni-channel environment
  • How to get your organization aligned around the strategy
  • How to get on the road to success with the right technology in place

More details and register here.