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The power of customer decision management – a webinar and more


Knowing how to create better, more profitable customer relationships starts with an understanding of the strategic and day-to-day operational decisions your company or organization is making about those customers. If you can better manage these decisions, you can apply them in smarter, more purposeful ways sure to boost the value you reap from each customer. This is going to be the focus of the Decision Management Summit this year and to get you warmed up, as it were, I am presenting a webinar on the 5 ways Decision Management leads to greater customer value with AllAnalytics.com at 11am Pacific on August 8,2012.

I’ll talk about targeting customers more accurately, reacting to customers in real-time, keeping up with rapid business change and ensuring consistency in a multichannel world. If you are interested, register for the “5 Ways Decision Management Leads to Greater Customer Value” Webinar here.


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