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New article contrasting decision management and various other topics


One of the most useful ways to define an approach is to contrast it with other established approaches. Decision Management is often compared with various kinds of Business Intelligence and with Business Process Management. And because Decision Management uses Business Rules and Data Mining or Business Analytics, it is also compared with these approaches individually. This month my column on the Business Rules Community examines the similarities and, while the benefits of these various approaches often overlap, some of the crucial, important differences. Check out Decision Management Contrasted (registration required).

And talking about BRCommunity reminds me. Don’t forget the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit in Las Vegas, November 1-5 for the most complete set of talks on business rules as well as some great sessions on rules in the context of BPM, adding analytics and focusing on decisions. I am giving a keynote on smarter systems for uncertain times, chairing the decision management track and giving a Decision Management tutorial. Contact me for a 15% discount. Register here – the early bird price is good through September 18th.


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