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I am super-excited to announce that an article I have been working on with Michael Ross has just been published on Harvard Business Review – Managing AI Decision-Making Tools The nature of micro-decisions requires some level of automation, particularly for real-time and higher-volume decisions. Automation is enabled by algorithms (the rules, predictions, constraints, and logic [...]

We are relaunching our newsletter, in a GDPR-compliant way, with a focus on DecisionsFirst Digital Transformation. We were probably GDPR-compliant before but better safe than sorry. We send emails about every 3 or 4 weeks with information about resources, events and articles on Decision Management topics. For example, case studies in digital transformation; decision modeling as a [...]

I recently wrote three articles for KDnuggets on the potential for decision modeling in the context of the CRISP-DM methodology for analytic projects: Four Problems in Using CRISP-DM and How To Fix Them CRISP-DM is the leading approach for managing data mining, predictive analytic and data science projects. CRISP-DM is effective but many analytic projects neglect key [...]

Michael Fitzgerald wrote a great piece of the MIT Sloan Management Review this week – The Four Traps of Predictive Analytics. Michael saw me present at an event for Predixion in Boston and then went on to chat with me a couple of times. It’s a great piece, highlighting four critical issues around predictive analytics: The [...]

Jim Powell just published a Q&A with me on Using Decision Management to Maximize Analytics. We covered a bunch of things: What, exactly,is decision management and what does it have to do with advanced analytics? What’s the history of decision management – where did it come from and does it work? What kind of decisions are [...]

First Look: Idio

As part of my ongoing series on Marketing Decision Management Solutions I got my first look at a new take on next best action systems the other day with the folks from Idio. Idio focuses on what they call “intelligent customer experiences through content.” They have what amounts to a real time decisioning platform focused [...]

I was poking around on Information Management this week and I realized that my article Predictive Analytics: Making Little Decisions with Big Data was both one of the editors’ favorite stories of 2012 and one of the top 10 stories in 2012 in terms of readership interest. So thanks everyone – much appreciated! If you missed it, why not [...]

Analytics magazine recently published an article I wrote on Operationalizing Analytics. The need to create a more industrialized process for building and deploying analytics is one I discuss regularly on the blog and in articles. As I say in the article: To broadly and effectively adopt predictive analytics organizations must operationalize analytics. Operationalizing analytics requires [...]

I wrote an article with Vijay Narayanan (of artofsoftwarereuse.com) on using decision management and business process management in combination – Achieving Organization Agility Using Decision Management.

One of the most useful ways to define an approach is to contrast it with other established approaches. Decision Management is often compared with various kinds of Business Intelligence and with Business Process Management. And because Decision Management uses Business Rules and Data Mining or Business Analytics, it is also compared with these approaches individually. [...]

I just published an article on BR Community – A Realistic View of Business Rules Engines – and as the four fallacies I tackle are pretty widely held you should check it out.

A short article I wrote on Analytics in a Multichannel World has been published on destinationCRM.com. Enjoy.

I have been working with some folks in the NE who have launched a new technology article portal – e-technologymanagement.com.This has a number of focus areas, notably SOA, Agile and Decision Management (in which I am involved, obviously). The portal is just getting started so check it out and subscribe to the feed. You can [...]

Neil and I wrote a column introducing enterprise decision management (EDM) for Teradata Magazine recently and you can find it here.

The current issue of BPM Strategies magazine has a Q&A on decision management – check out the online version of the magazine (members of the BPM Institute only).

Book excerpted in BI Journal

For those of you who get TDWI‘s BI Journal, the most recent issue has an except from Smart (Enough) Systems titled “Inside Enterprise Decision Management“

Book Excerpt in SOA Magazine

The book was excerpted for Thomas Erl’s SOA Magazine – Smart Enough for SOA: Incorporating Enterprise Decision Management into Service Design

Jean-Jacque Dubray interviewed James for InfoQ and the site carried an excerpt of Chapter 10 – Book Excerpt and Review: Smart (Enough) Systems

An extract from the book was published as “The Need for Smart Enough Systems (Part 3)” for Business Rules Journal, Vol. 8, No. 9 (September 2007)Technorati Tags: Business Rules, Business Rules Journal, EDM, Enterprise Decision Management, James Taylor, Neil Raden, Smart (Enough) Systems, smartenoughsystems

Charlie Bess of EDS discussed the book on the EDS Next Big Thing Blog in his post Smart (Enough) Systems. He also mentioned it again in Breaking Up (Applications) Is Hard To DoTechnorati Tags: Decision Management, Decision Service, EDM, EDS, Enterprise Decision Management, Smart (Enough) Systems, smartenoughsystems, Charlie Bess