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tom davenport

Tom Davenport had a great article recently on Data Informed – “Printing Money” with Operational Machine Learning. His intro paragraph is great: Organizations have made large investments in big data platforms, but many are struggling to realize business value. While most have anecdotal stories of insights that drive value, most still rely only upon storage cost [...]

The International Institute for Analytics predictions for 2012 have been posted to the IIA website. Check out what Tom Davenport, the rest of the faculty and I think about the new year in analytics. And if you are interested in predictive analytics in the cloud (my prediction), go to our company site here.

I am participating in the 2012 predictions call by the International Institute for Analytics December 14th at 11am Pacific. Tom Davenport will be hosting a session to focus on the institute’s 2012 Predictions for Analytics. First, we’ll review how clear our crystal ball was a year ago as we cast our predictions for 2011. Then, Tom [...]

I am a faculty member for the International Institute for Analytics and we are launching a new research effort – the IT Analytics Research Council. Here’s what the official promotional text says: The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) uses an experience-based research approach to uncover “what’s working” and more importantly “what’s next” in the area [...]

Tom Davenport kicked off the second day of Predictive Analytics World with a keynote on the new era of quantitative, or data-driven business. Various analytic threads – web analytics, HR analytics, actuarial, predictive marketing and supply chain – are coming together in really what is best described as Enterprise analytics. The world is changing and [...]

Human and automated judgment

Syndicated from International Institute for Analytics Tom Davenport pointed me to an interesting article recently – Judgment Call or Automated Decision—Or Both? – by Jan Abrams. It’s an interesting article and I go back and forth as I read it in terms of agreeing or disagreeing with Jan. First, let me say that the use [...]

The early bird rate for Predictive Analytics World expires on Monday so now is a great time to register for the event. I am giving my popular workshop – Driving Enterprise Decisions with Business Analytics – on the Sunday and speaking on the Tuesday on “Deploying Analytics with a Rules-Based Infrastructure“. I am also participating [...]

I am a faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics and participated in the recent call to discuss some of our predictions for 2011. Quite a few of the faculty were on the call – Tom Davenport, John Elder, Bill Franks, Jeanne Harris, Anne Milley, Niel Nickolaisen, Jeremy Shapiro and me. If you haven’t [...]

I have not really introduced the International Institute for Analytics on the blog yet and, as I am a Faculty member, I thought I should rectify that. The International Institute for Analytics is dedicated to the advancement of analytics in everyday business practices and aims to bring together the world’s leading analytics practitioners and researchers [...]

David McMichael of MetLife came next. MetLife Auto and Home is a mid size P&C insurance arm within the overall MetLife group. David runs the Quantitative Research and Modeling team within the actuarial department. Team has grown over the last few years with a diverse set of people, something they find very valuable and expanded [...]

Agile AND industrial analytics

Syndicated from International Institute for Analytics I wrote a post called “It’s time to industrialize analytics” for Smart Data Collective a little while ago and it prompted Tom to reply with Agile vs Industrialized. To recap, the key point of my post was that we need to move away from analytics as a pure craft [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective There’s a lot of talk about advanced analytics these days – the use of data mining and predictive analytics is growing rapidly so lots of articles, books (like Tom Davenport’s latest) and blog posts are being written. One of these was by Jeff Kelly over on TechTarget on Data analytics [...]

Syndicated from B-Eye-Network I recently wrote an article for the IIA on decisions, decision management and analytics. This was prompted by Tom Davenport’s recent interview on the Sloan Business Review on Reengineering your decision making processes about analytics and how companies make decisions. This interview also prompted Boris Evelson of Forrester to write this blog [...]

Syndicated from International Institute for Analytics Tom Davenport was interview recently by the Sloan Business Review on Reengineering your decision making processes about analytics and how companies make decisions. While the interview is mostly focused on manual decision making, many of the points are just as valid when you consider decision management and decisioning technology [...]

Accenture and SAS announced today that they will jointly create an analytics group focused on financial services, healthcare and public service. They describe this as a “significant evolution of the existing relationship between the two companies”. The release is at  http://www.sas.com/news/preleases/AccentureSASAnalyticsGroup.html This is obviously an interesting announcement. Ever since IBM announced its new Business Analytics [...]

Syndicated from Smart Data Collective I often tell companies and other organizations that they should treat decisions and decision making as assets. In Smart (Enough) Systems, the book I wrote with Neil Raden, we said Operational Decision Making as a Corporate Asset If operational decisions must be made well for your organization to deliver on [...]

Book Review – Analytics at Work

I received a pre-release copy of Tom Davenport’s new book Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results. The book is a follow-on to Competing on Analytics (reviewed here) and is a shorter, pithier book than its predecessor. Once again Tom collaborates with Jeanne Harris and this time Robert Morison of the Concours group. Where the [...]

Analytic truth and myth

Alison Bolen posted a nice list of analytic truths, or perhaps myths, on the SAS blog today and asked what people thought. I was, of course, unable to resist: To make analytics successful, the CEO has to have a personal interest in it. MYTH While it is true that the only companies I see who [...]

Make Better Decisions

Tom Davenport published a new article recently in the Harvard Business Review titled Make Better Decisions. In it he gives some examples of bad decisions and asks why this decision-making disorder? First, because decisions have generally been viewed as the prerogative of individuals—usually senior executives. The process employed, the information used, the logic relied on, [...]

Malcolm Gladwell, Thornton May (author of The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics)and Tom Davenport (author of Competing on Analytics, reviewed here) made up a high powered panel for this. Various random comments follow: Healthcare is being used as an example by the panel as an obvious point where analytics and expertise intersect. There is [...]