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New research council being launched


I am a faculty member for the International Institute for Analytics and we are launching a new research effort – the IT Analytics Research Council. Here’s what the official promotional text says:

The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) uses an experience-based research approach to uncover “what’s working” and more importantly “what’s next” in the area of IT analytics.  Participants join the council on a 12-month subscription basis.  The benefits of joining include a benchmarking analysis of your organization as an analytical competitor, based on Tom Davenport’s DELTA model, and as compared to other organizations and published research by faculty members.  The group will be exploring key topics that are at the intersection of IT and analytics throughout the 12-month program in a collaborative format.

I will be participating as one of the faculty with my usual focus on embedding analytics into operational systems to improve high volume, transactional decisions.

The key benefits for program participants are:

  •  Benchmarking
  • A collaborative environment through conference call sessions and an online portal to explore analytics topics with peers
  •  Published research by leading experts and Tom Davenport
  •  An inquiry service to get answers to a specific analytics issue

Here’s an ITARC Fact Sheet


If you are interested drop me a line – james@decisionmanagementsolutions.com – or DM me on twitter jamet123